Young Girl Obsession

To a lot of men they feel that a 20 year old woman is so sexy and hot to them. But to me it’s a 14 year old and sometimes two or three years younger. It’s hard for most men and women to understand that a young vagina with just a dusting of public hair sprouting from around it is a huge turn on to me.

I had two sisters visit me recently. One was 16 the other was 11. I admit that I had my cock all the way in the 16 year olds pussy. Her boobs were sizable and a lot more firm than an older woman. Her pussy was was very tight as she rode my hard penis like she was riding a horse. I didn’t ejaculate inside her pussy. I ejaculated inside her little sisters mouth at her request.


Most would wonder how an 11 year old girl who shouldn’t even know what a penis is, would have an appetite for a grown mans hard cock in her mouth. Not to mention enjoying the taste and feel of his jism running down her throat.

So I asked her. her response was arousing to me. But at the same time may be disturbing to others.. She told me that she watches videos on her Android about adults having sex and wanted to suck on a man’s penis as well as getting fucked by one. The amazing thing was that I was her forth. And her 16 year old sister had experienced 7 other penises in her teenage pussy before mine. She was less than 5 feet tall and weighed about a 100 pounds. She had shaved her legs, her arm pits and her vaginal area. She told me that she wanted to look like She was 10 years old. And with the exception of her well developed breast she did.

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I enjoyed her very much but she enjoyed my manhood inside of her as she enjoyed the feel of my tongue giving her oral pleasure on her clitoris. Her taste was sweeter and not as bitter a an older woman. And her 11 year old sisters clitoris and vaginal lubricating or juice tasted even sweeter and cleaner.

My cock is slowly being sucked on by the 11 year old as I type out this confession. But when I am finished. She requests that I use a lubricant and work my hard penis beyond her hymen and all the way into her virgina. While her older sister watches.

I am afraid that my penis may be too large for her little vagina and at that point I consider myself compassionate enough to not follow through. However the older sister is eager to have my manhood pleasuring her.

I don’t see anything wrong with two young ladies who know that I would stop at their request, enjoying sex with a grown man or vise versa. But not every 11 year old or 16 year old can mentally or emotionally handle a sexual experience with anyone. But I feel that it should be their choice.

I am close to ejaculating but I would like to fulfill the 16 year olds desire to enjoy my hard cock in her pussy while I pleasure her little sisters pussy with my tongue before I cum in her mouth again.



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