The day we lost our virginity

Hai this is Sami (Name Changed). I’m 24 years old and 6 feet tall with some average body. I’m currently working in Banglore. Here comes the heroine Pavitra (Name Changed). She is 5’6″ tall and having stats of 32-26-36 and underwarm skin tone.

Now entering to the story. She was my neighbour before 6 years and that we got seperated by shifting our locations. After 6 years we met in Bangalore while I was roaming in a mall in Bangalore. She noticed me and came near me and said Hai. I was stunned for a while and it took a while for recognition and the I got and I replied Hello. Then we started some chit chat and asked her “Why are you here?” She said is pursuing UG course in Bangalore then we chated for a while and exchanged our numbers and we left.


We started to chat regularly in a day and started to interchange our likes and dislikes. The days went on for some while one day she asked me about my relationship.

M: I’m single.
She: okay

M: Wbu?
She: I’m also single
M: okay

She: Then why can’t we meet on Sunday.
M: okay place and time.

She: XXXXXX Place.
M: alright.

The day came and I went to the place and waiting for her and called her she lifted the call and said you are late. She was waiting in the coffee shop (I will not have drink coffee regularly but often I will have it). We had a sat in a table and started talking to each other suddenly she asked “Are you Virgin?” For a moment I was shocked and replied “Yes”. Then she replied “Even I’m too”. I clearly came out about her intention. But I wasn’t their to have sex with her.

She: Can we have it?
M:(with question marked face) what?

She: I know that u understood what I’m asking about
M: (Thought for some while) if it won’t affect our future then I’m okay.

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She: okay
M: I’ve another condition I don’t want to use any safety as I’m want to enjoy my loosing virginity.

She: (thought fully) Okay.

Then I booked a Oyo room near by and started our journey. We reached their by 1’O clock we checked in to the room. As soon I closed the door I pulled her hand started kissing her and pressing her boobs by leaning towards the wall it and we are breathing very heavily in between that we had intervals and eye contact to each other, went on for 20-25 mins. Later I lifted her took her on to the bed.

Then I fell on her started kissing heavily I started removing her kurta then I noticed her with the red bra I went mentally mad after seeing that I took of her bra and removed my shirt started licking her boobs and her nipple were brown in colour and went down near the navel and licked it and going down removed her legin her panty was in black colour she was feeling shy and covering pussy with hands.

Then I removed her panty and started licking her pussy which became wet and I removed my pant and inner things and she started licking my dick which is 6″ for 2-3 minutes I’ve started to cum and herface was filled with my cum she went in bathroom and washed her face and came.

I put on her bed and spreaded her legs and was trying to push my dick as she was virgin she was unable bear the pain I slowly started to insert it and she screamed like anything and I started kissing her while she she is screaming and it started to bleed and her eyes were full of tears by the first stroke itself I also started to cum inside her and had let it inside her vagina and waited for some while without any to and fro to feel the feeling while inserting my dick in to her the feeling was awesome.

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I felt warmth inside it and her pink walls felt very warm to my dick then I started slowly the strokes she screaming and screaming and in between I had liplock to her while she was screaming to control her from the pain and enjoy the moment we have after a while she also started to cum and enjoying it then we were are on it for 15-20 minutes here moans and screaming made very crazy about it and later I said to turn he back and licked back from toe to the neck and bit her ass and made it to turn in red colour and I started to finger in her she enjoyed a lot.

We went to doggy style and while inserting in to it she again started screaming and we were exhausted after one and half hour and slept nudley for half an hour again we woke up and started another session after the session we are not satisfied and we booked again the room until the next day and we didn’t had lunch of the day. I kept sick leave for my office for the next day also and she had no problem in the college.

We went out by 8 at night and had dinner and came back by 9:30 and again we started it our feelings right the was no tomorrow for us and I asked we should have a session in bathroom also she was eagerly waiting for that we had rushed in to the bathroom and got laid down in the bathroom and started till 1:30 we came back from bathroom and cleaned our self and had slept and got wake up by 6:30 (as my regular waking time is 8:30) and I started kissing her with out brushing our teeth.

The feeling was awesome having such a time and I ordered tiffin and we had tiffin by sitting nakedly after that for us to getting experts we watched some porn videos as I like to have romantic sex for romantic sex we had some shopping in and returned early to the room as we are of out control while shopping it self.

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As we know all men are interested to have romantic sex in nighties and saree we bought them she had the saree first and we had both in bathroom and bedroom till 3’o clock of afternoon we thought we are out of the world as the time is running out we are keep going on it as their no tomorrow and in the night we had session in the nighty till 3’O clock we were on it we had slept and we woke up early morning and we are unable to control ourselves and remain each other same but it’s to risky for our profession we kissed each other again for again in fraction time we thought we are again crossing our limits we stopped it and I went to drop her near by her college and while leaving also we had kiss as no one is noticing us in public.

I was completely addicted to her because of that later we had 3-4 times and we are on now lockdown. As we promised each other it will not affect our future it’s going right now.

This is the thing happened with me.

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