One last time with her

This is Santosh back again with a new incident after a long time. For those, who don’t know me, I had a brief affair of 1 week with my trainee Gouthami back in 2016.  She moved on to Hyderabad post that and we’ve not been in contact post that. After working for a long time

Nancy love for her son

Hello friends, It’s a incidence happened in a holiday trip 03 years ago.I am just 20 years old as my sister Renu is a 18 years gal and we both brother and sister with my mom is in holiday trip to dad is busy in official purpose as we three boarded a train in

First adventure

Hi, Let me introduce myself, name X, Let me a take a pride in describing my first adventure with a different lady in Bhubaneswar. Iam 34 year old working in a very good position from Hyderabad, This adventure has happend on 12th of November 2018 when i was travelling in Falaknama express, I have boarded

It all started after that massage

I was just about to do some more unpacking when there was a knock on the door. I was in half a mind to ignore it but then there was another knock, this time much louder. Damn, I wasn’t in the mood for uninvited guests. However when I opened the door I was pleasantly surprised.