Rapunzel Kishori loves my 8 inch

This story is longer because of real conversation during the scenes !   I’m 22 gym freak 5.9ft for me doing sex is really hard without having feeling for that lady. It was 24th March the day lockdown was declared , my parents where stuck in other state. They had went for my cousin wedding

Fucking my maid’s ass

It’s a nature’s beauty ,created by God,a gal or a women,their physical features are exciting as their two holes of vagina and ass ,makes them special,their lovely boobs are attracting as we always eyed on it ,vaginal hole as well as its surface are also loving but it’s inside their clothes as traditional outfits never

Got my maid’s vagina

It’s a nice day as I am in my home,going to enjoy weekend with my friends in evening .so I wake up late in the morning as I took refreshment and than walked to dinning space,my mom is sitting there as she screamed louder…….. “Rani prepare a cup of tea for Garry (Garry)mom today evening

Indian maid seduction

It was a boring day as I have gotten long leaves from office and my parents planned to visit my relatives for a week, I am alone and bored at my house. My 1st day at home alone was not so bright at the beginning as it was a lazy morning and I did not

Sexy Aunt and Her Sister – Part 3

Story description:- This story is about how I enjoyed my 3 days and our planning for our 1st night was planned as if we were married and how did we enjoy the same also… It includes full day preparations for the night. Author’s note- this part is a continuation of the previous part. For a

Sexy Aunt and Her Sister – Part 2

STORY DESCRIPTION:- It’s about how I enjoyed my 3 days and our planning for our 1st night as if we were married and how did we enjoy the same also… it includes kitchen romance and how did we enjoy our 3 days before our D-Day. STORY:- Hi all, AUTHOR’S NOTE- This part is a continuation

Sexy Aunt and Her Sister – Part 1

STORY DESCRIPTION:- A story happened during the transformation of my body which happened where i fucked my aunt after winning a bet and fucked her and then fucked her sister who was also unsatisfied STORY:- Hi all, My Name is Jay (changed) currently 30 yrs old now well settled in my own business from Mumbai.

Toilet Slave for Maid

This Story happened when I was 22 years old. About Myself, I am now 26 years old working in one of the reputed software company in Bangalore. Below story is my life changing event happened to my life. About my Maid, she was around 43 years of age. Average looking, Big boobs, long Hair and

Ajaz gets comfortable around new maid

Dear Readers, I’m Ajaz Khan, 36 y/o businessman based out of Bombay with an athletic body a bit on the bulky muscular side. My wife Mahima and I have been married for 8 years and she runs a small music production company. We have two young girls, 4 and 6 respectively. Since we both are

Fucked my Servant Maid

It was during my work time that the servant maid Laxmi used to come to our house to do the household work. She was a middle aged, slim, not so dark but sexy looking married woman. She did not have big breasts but enough to satisfy your stomach and your desires. Her husband was a