Fingered a girl in the movie theatre

My name is Varun (pseudo name) I don’t want to use real names in my story because i still do respect her and it’s my responsibility to protect her identity. Okay lets get into the story This incident happend when I was in my college I’m a nice handsome 5’10 21 years old guy and

Lust for matured pussy

AM Rony 36 years old married based from Bangalore…. Because my married life did not go good i had no chance of enjoying sex life to my satisfactions. I am the person who is on sex drive anytime anywhere. And note i love matured ladies in some instance and likes, younger ones on some instances.

My Wife’s best friend comes out to her

Let me give those not familiar a little background to this story A while back my wife had her first lesbian experience with a co-worker before this she had never been with another woman but confessed to me she had desires that she couldn’t explain she was literally taken both emotionally as well as physically

Ladies of Bangalore, this one is for you.

Hello ladies of Bangalore, This Priyanka (not my real name). today I made my mind to share few things about an wonderful man whom I met in Bangalore when I was there. It’s a lil long story. ( I am sharing my experience because I know that there are many ladies like me who are

Passionate love with best friend

This is Rajesh (name change) 29 years old, now living in U, visiting India occasionally. This is the first time I am writing so please excuse my errors or dragging of story. This is a real story, I am average build, 5.5 inch and the queen of this story is Sakshi. this happened 5 years

A mother and son bond over, and in, their favorite beverage

A mother and son bond over, and in, their favorite beverage, It was the summer after my 18th birthday. I had just returned home one afternoon after a quick run to the grocery store. I went to pick up some milk to get the family through the rest of the week. I have twin sisters, and

Mother and son performe opposite each other in a play

Mother and son performe opposite each other in a play, “Oh for God’s sake David, how many more times,” Lionel wailed. “This is the high point when lovely Lady Primrose is offering you her beautiful body. She’s hot for you and you’re clinging together…you are lusting for her, your bodies intertwined, and what do you look

Tricked Innocent Mom into Incest Part – 6

Mom was virgin in the ass for which I was eagerly waiting, finally broke her virginity My dear indian sex stories dot net readers, friends, horny moms and crazy sons welcome to my wonderful world of incest, your crazy Raj has come up with his last part of the series. Thanks for the huge response

Tricked My Innocent Mom into Incest – Part 5

Successfully seduced my mom with my plans and after that fucked her to my best Hi my dear friends and fans of indian sex stories dot net, this is Raj back with the most exciting fifth part of sex journey with my mom. Plz read my pervious episodes for better understanding. Thanks for your valuable