Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-1

Hi all , I’m Arun from Rural parts of Vellore,my age is 22 and I’m MBBS student. The story will be in parts and it will be Tamil and English mix. The story is about my friend’s Mom Rani ,age is 47.she has only child who is my friend ,his age 24 currently working in

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Groaning, she slid forward and he slipped his cock out of her. Now what? He waited for her to move. For a minute she remained on her knees and forearms, catching her breath, her chest and back heaving. Then she turned around, on her back and smiled sexily at him. (Prev stories) “God, but you’re

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Sunita smiled gently, looking at the handsome nineteen-year-old youth. The same age as her son, they’d been childhood friends. How they’d grown, she thought. He wasn’t a kid any more; he was a young man, confident, poised, strong and, yes, sexy. She looked at Vinod again with renewed interest, her pulse quickening slightly, feeling a