Son Trapped By Neighbor Uncle To Fuck His Sleeping Mother

Hai, I am Vaishak from Kerala. This sex story is about my mother who got fucked by a man without her knowledge. So guys please read it and enjoy and do support me for more stories further.

I am Vaishak (19), my parents and relatives call me Vaishu. I am studying 2nd-year B.Tech (Mech.). My college is 20 km away from my house. I live with my mother and sister in remote a place in Kerala. My father is working in Saudi Arabia. My mother’s name is Anitha she is 38 and my sister’s name is Swetha and she is just 18.


I was an average studying boy at my college and I was having only limited number of friends. Near to my house, there was a bachelor’s staying house. The house owner was at another place so he gave that house for rent.

There were around 6 men living they were all about 50 above and they all were working in the market. Anwar, Jamal, Rafeek, Shanavas, James and Varky they use to play football near to our field every evening after their work.

One day when I was studying from home on my study leave I heard a call from outside. I asked my mom to go and look who was that and started looking through the window. I saw Anwar there. Soon mom opened the door and asked him what he wants. He asked her a glass of water.

She came inside for taking the water but I was looking Anwar through the window he didn’t know that I was looking.He was biting his lips while mom was moving inside the house.

I understood that he was looking at her sexy ass. I got angry but didn’t move from there I wanted to know what his intention was really and after some time, mom came with water and gave him. He went back to the ground after he drank the water.

One day I was going to market for purchasing some vegetables I saw Anwer selling vegetables in the market he asked me my name and he said he is my neighbor He gave me vegetables for a cheap rate. I was so thankful to him.

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I gave the vegetables to mom and kept the balance money with me for my personal uses. And like that every time I started to buy vegetables from Anwer and we both became very friendly. Anwar once asked me whether I need any money. I said him no. but he gave me few amount and said don’t worry to ask me money treat me as your best friend.

I was very happy and was very thank full to Anwar.

After two weeks, Anwar’s roommates had gone to their village. Anwar was alone at his house. He called me at night and asked me to accompany him to his house for drinks.I accepted his offer and went to his house and we started to drink after 2-3 pegs Anwer asked me whether I’ll watch porn. I said yes.

He played a CD in TV and we both started to enjoy Porn and drinks together after few hours when we both boozed-up he asked,

Anwar: Have you ever seen a real woman getting fucked?

Me : No. I love to see that.

Anwer : If you want, I can show you.

Me : ohhhh wow. please I want to see.. Please

Anwar: if you won’t get angry, I will tell you a secret and it will be only within us and nobody should come to know about this matter.

Me: Sure nobody will come to know. You can trust me.

Anwar : Your mother. I love her.

Me: (Shocked) Nooooo. what are you saying?? Nooo, never can I help you.

Anwar: See Vaishu. I’ll give you how much money you want whenever you ask. But only for once, I beg you, please. I didn’t have sex with anybody for a long time. Please help me.

Me: How can I? I am tensed. Please don’t ask me like this.

Anwar: Only once. If you consider me as your best friend you have to do this. Nobody will come to know about this, please.

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Me : Okay. I agree but no one should know about this including your roommates.

Anwer : ohhh sure. thank you so much Vaisu.

We both made a plan how to fuck her. Next day I put sleeping pills in my mother’s milk at night and went to sleep.Later after one hour I went to her room to check where she is sleeping. I confirmed that she is in sound sleep and called Anwar through my phone.

He was already well prepared for the fuck. I opened the back door and went to my room. Anwar was behind me I showed him the room. He was very happy. But before going I made some conditions.

Me : *You should not bite or scratch her* You should not cum in her I don’t want her to get pregnant from you. *You have to wear condom*

Anwar : Sorry I don’t have condom with me. But I promise you that I won’t breed or cum in your mother

Me : Okay. All right I trust you. Go. make it fast before she wakes up.

He thanked me again and went in to her room. I peeped inside the key hole saw him removing his dress and keeping his purse mobile phone and dress on the table. But nothing was visible for me so I went to the balcony and somehow came near to my mother’s room window to see all the Fucking session it took me around few minutes to reach there.

When I reached there I was Anwar licking on Mother’s neck and cleavage. Later he took ass up and made her nighty to her neck so that he can fuck her easily. But he didn’t remove the nighty completely he pulled her panty down and stated to smell her Female hole. He was so impatient to enjoy that body properly he wanted to fuck her fast. So he put his dick in her glory hole and stated to fuck hard.

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Later when he was about to cum he took it out and opened her mouth and cumed in her mouth he didn’t take his dick out for few seconds he needs her to swallow each drop of his baby making seeds.

While dressing up he said to her. One day this seed will grow in your fertile womb. And you will not know who breaded you and kissed on her lip. Took all his things and came out. He was very tired and happy. He thanked me and went back to his house.

Next day I walk up late. I saw mom very energetic and present. I asked her what was the reason she replied I saw your father in my dreams yesterday. I felt really bad and came back to my room and took my mobile phone. I saw 2 missed calls from Anwar. I called him back,

Me : hello, Anwar Uncle how are you?

Anwar : I’m awesome. I have got a surprise for you.

Me : What is that? I am so excited.

Anwer : Open your Whatsapp. I am going to my village now. I am on the train and my battery is about to die. I’ll be back next week

Me : okay.. Happy journey.

Suddenly the phone call was hung and I opened my Whatsapp and I was shocked. It was the video of my mother being fucked by Anwar. I was tensed and called Anwar back but the phone was switched off and went back read the message which there below the video. “I enjoyed her last night and now my friends wants to enjoy her. Hope you won’t disappoint us”.

(To be continued..)

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