Son & mom entertain mom & daughter from next door, everybody Needs Good Neighbors

Son & mom entertain mom & daughter from next door, everybody Needs Good Neighbors, Mom and I had just started another of our regular suck and fuck sessions, both of us in the nude and about to embark on a hot sixty-nine, when the phone rang.

“Bloody hell!” mom expostulated, letting my cock fall out of her mouth to speak, “of all the times …”


“Ignore it,” I said, likewise removing my tongue from where it had been about to bury itself deep in my mother’s pussy.

“Best not,” replied mom, “it might be important.”

“Oh, very well,” I said, giving mom’s exposed and very juicy cunt a quick kiss before sliding off the bed and going over to the phone on mom’s dressing table and treating her to a view of my bare ass cheeks as I did so. I picked up the phone and spoke into it, smiling as a familiar voice came down the line and grateful that I had not taken my own advice to ignore the call.

“Oh hi, Mrs. Simpkins,” I said, turning my smile on mom and giving her the thumbs up sign, “it’s the widow woman,” I whispered to mom and then, raising my voice and speaking back into the phone, “this is a nice surprise.”

“Now, I’ve told you before, haven’t I?” the voice remonstrated with me, “that’s enough of all that Mrs. Simpkins nonsense. Beryl will do very nicely, thank you, after all, we’re more than just neighbors now, aren’t we?”

“OK, erm, Beryl,” I said, turning to face mom to show her that my cock had not sagged in the slightest, “what can mom and I do for you? No, don’t tell me, let me guess. You and Janey are feeling horny and want to call round, am I right?”

“You sure are, Peter,” Beryl replied, “that’s if you and Maisie don’t mind, of course.”

“Mom,” I said, holding the phone away from my mouth but near enough for Mrs. Simpkins, sorry Beryl, to hear, “our neighbor and her daughter are feeling horny and want some fun. You don’t mind, do you?”

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Mom giggled since we all knew full well what the answer would be. “Tell her and Janey to get their tits and pussies round here pronto,” she said.

“Mom says to get your tits and pussies over here pronto,” I said, giving my hard-on another little tug and putting the phone up to my ear again. “In fact, we were just about to sixty-nine when you rang so we’re both on heat, too.”

“Good,” came the prompt reply, “we’ll be with you in a few ticks. Don’t shoot your load just yet, will you, Peter dear?”

“No way,” I said, “mom and I are just getting started. See you soon,” I finished, terminating the conversation and climbing back onto the bed with mom, giving her beautiful tits, not exactly in the same league as Dolly Parton but voluptuous enough, a good suck and lick as we waited for our neighbors to join us.

Perhaps before going any further I ought to say how this all happened; well, I never knew my father, he ran off when I was still a baby and left mom to bring me up alone which she did admirably. I was thus the man of the house from a very early age and now am also the man in more ways than one.

As soon as I realised that my dick was not just for pissing out of, I discovered the joys of wanking and also that I had an incredibly high sex drive. Night after night as I became more and more aware of how beautiful and sexy mom was, and still very much is I hasten to add, I would lie awake listening to mom pleasuring herself as I did the same and then, a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, it was mom who made the first move.

“I’ve heard you wanking sweetheart,” she said, coming into my room one morning, “while listening to me doing the same. Seems silly to stay in separate rooms when we can both help each other out.”

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“How d’you mean, mom?” I asked though I knew what the answer was going to be since I hadn’t been slow to notice mom casting me appreciative glances over the past few months too. In fact, probably more thanb I had been giving her.

“You’ve got a cock and I’ve got a pussy and I need a good fucking,” mom said, pulling back the covers of my bed to expose me in all my naked full frontal glory. I always sleep in the nude and had been wanking when mom walked in so my cock was nice and hard and, far from feeling any embarrassment, it gave me a real thrill to show it to the very lady who had, with my vanished father’s help, created it, along with my big balls of which, like my cock, I am inordinately proud.

Mom was very impressed with the size of my prick and of my balls too and she was soon undressed herself, allowing me to gaze for the first time on her firm delicious-looking melons, on which her nipples stood out proudly from the dark aureoles, and, more importantly, her beautiful shaven pussy. I had never seen a woman’s cunt before and I was overwhelmed by its beauty since it was not any pussy but the one through which I had entered the world all those years earlier.

I really enjoyed my first tentative licks of mom’s pussy and mom giving me my first ever blowjob but I won’t give you all the details of what we did together that night, I’m sure you can guess. Suffice to say, therefore, that after mom took my virginity, we just went on from there. As simple as that, no shame, no guilt, after all we were consenting adults and didn’t give a fig what others thought. Still don’t.

Mom realised from the start that I was a horny sod, well above average, a fact which has not diminished with the passing of time. I think about sex every waking moment, always wake up with a raging hard-on, and I am always slinking off to the bogs at work to lock myself in a cubicle for a nice pull on the Jolly Roger. As for my wonderful mother, as long as I give her a good loving shag every night, she has allowed me plenty of freedom to sate my sexual desires with other ladies.

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And that’s how, incredibly, we got it together with Janey and her mother Beryl. I came home early from work one hot summer’s evening a year or so ago, a few weeks after Janey and her mother had moved in next door to us, and Janey was sunbathing in just her bra and panties in the Simpkins’ back garden. From my open bedroom window, I had a perfect view of my nubile young neighbor’s bra-enhanced tits and was physically undressing her in my mind’s eye as I unzipped my pants and took out my cock which, with its usual dexterity, had risen to the occasion. I fancied Janey almost as much as I did my mother while Janey’s mother, whom I have just been asked to call Beryl, wasn’t half fanciable as well.

As I feasted my eyes on Janey on the sun lounge, I stripped off and started to beat my meat. Mom came into my room and smiled at the sight of my hard throbbing cock in my hand which was flying up and down the shaft with quicksilver speed.

“My word, sweetheart,” mom said, “what’s got you so horny?”

“Come and have a look at this, mom,” I replied, “that girl from next door looks great in her underwwar, don’t you think?”

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