My Sister Let Me Fuck Her

Hi guys,. My name is desiboy75. I am 25 and living in Hyderabad. My sister is 2 years elder to me and got married last year.

When we were younger, my whole family – my mom, dad, sister and me used to sleep in the same bed. It was during this time that I started masturbating. I had found out about the extreme pleasures of it and was uncontrollable.


Soon, I started to take advantage of my sister’s body sleeping next to me during the night. We used to cuddle each other before but now my cuddles where tighter and my dick was harder. I almost felt up her entire body during that time. I almost thought she caught me but she never imagined that her little brother would use her to satisfy his sexual cravings. So she let it go.

This went on for some time and then my sister got a room of her own. This broke my heart. Now I was sleeping with my mom and dad and soon I turned my attention to my mom. But it wasn’t long before my mom felt it was uncomfortable to sleep with me and sent me to my sister’s room.

But here our beds were separate, so I couldn’t continue with my cuddles and soon my sister was sent to college.

For the next few years, we didn’t see a lot of each other. When she finally returned home, her marriage was fixed. I was very disappointed.

So a few weeks before the marriage, our family decided on a tour to Goa. We booked two rooms in a very expensive resort. My sister and I were in the same room and in the same bed for one last time. I decided I have to make the best use of this opportunity.

As this was a very expensive place, they had bathrobes and all in the bathroom. That night, I convinced my sister to try those as nightwear’s. She didn’t suspect anything. She put on the bathrobe over her underwear. I slept without wearing my underwear. My dick very hard and was kind of poking out.

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After she fell asleep, I cuddled her again. My cock had already pushed aside the robe and came out. When she fell asleep, I slowly undid her bathrobe knots and it came off. There she was – my super hot sister sleeping next to me in just her undies! Her tits were magnificent and they were silky smooth. I slowly put my hand over them but very lightly. I didn’t want her to wake up. The fabric of her bra was thin enough for me to feel her nipples through them! GOD! I almost came right there! But I controlled and moved my hand over her belly button and this time, I couldn’t resist.

I got on my knees next to her and started licking all around it, tasting her beautiful sexy navel. But that wasn’t enough.

Out of excitement, I moved by hand over her pussy and rubbed there. I was a bit too hard. My sister woke up suddenly and was horrified to see her little brother licking her stomach while rubbing her pussy. I was terrified and suddenly moved away. But my cock was still out. She saw and gave me one tight slap across my face. I almost cried. She got really mad at me and kicked me out of the room. I slept outside that night and woke up really early so that my parents didn’t find out.

The next day, I barely made eye contact with her. In fact, she never even came close to me, nor did she say anything.

Next night, I made up some reason and slept with my parents.

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After that, things were very awkward between me and her. She wouldn’t talk to me or let me touch her – not even a hug. This was really bad.

Her wedding day was closing in and everyone became busy with that. She was very busy too and was having a great time with her friends and family. I would also hang out along with her because I was also close to most of the people there.

Slowly we started talking and by the end of the marriage, we were more or less back to normal. Her husband was settled in America. So after their one month honeymoon, he went to America and my sister stayed back because of her job and some visa problem.

She got a new iPhone and asked me to help her set it up. She was really bad with technology. So I added my own fingerprint to it before returning it to her.

A few days went by and I decided to take a look at her phone. I hoped that the newlyweds would be sending some very steamy pics to each other. And boy, I was right! All I had to do was open their WhatsApp chat and it was filled with nudes of her and him!

For the first time in my life, I saw my sister naked in all her glory! She had milky white boobs and small brown nipples. They looked so delicious. Not as much as her clean shaven pink pussy. There were even videos of her fingering herself. This was my fap source for a long time. I forwarded these to my phone and deleted the messages. Now I had the huge collection of my sister’s nudes to jerk off to.

I periodically checked her phone to update my gallery. One day, I was forwarding some pics and suddenly she walked in on me. I didn’t get time to delete all the messages. I left the phone there and hurried out of the room! Well, I was so scared and soon she walked into my room.

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She: what the fuck is this?!

I didn’t say anything

She: Why the fuck are you sending my nudes to yourself? You still haven’t changed, have you? You perverted piece of shit!

I got so scared and started to cry.

Me: I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it, you were the first woman I touched in my life and simply couldn’t resist! I am so sorry, please don’t tell mom and dad.

She: fucking shit! I am your sister. How can you say that? Fucking disgusting!

Me: I know! I am sorry

She: And I am married now! God!

Me: I know…and that turned me even more, to be honest. The fact that you have already had sex. I think you would be hornier.

She: Fuck you!

Me: Aren’t you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sending all these. Right?

She didn’t say anything

Me: I know you miss your husband’s cock.

She looked at me horrified

She: what the fuck are you saying?

Me: I know. I read what you wrote to him about what you want to do with it.

She was starting to blush. She looked at me looking very embarrassed.

Me: You know, my cock is almost as big as his. I can make you have it.

She: what? No way!!

Me: why? It’s not like I’m a stranger, and we both get what we want.

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