My First Married Lady

Hi everyone…!
Akhil again. This is my second narrative. For those who haven’t read my first narrative, I’m 27, currently working out of Bangalore and an avid reader of erotic literature. The incident I’m going to narrate happened in Jan 2017. I was 23 then and was staying in Mumbai.

I received a mail in my inbox. To my surprise, it was a married woman who read my story online. She was 35+ housewife from Pune and her husband was in the banking sector. We started chatting casually and she was open about the fact that she and her husband had not had sex for the last 1 year and that she wanted to explore outside. We got comfortable with each other pretty soon and decided that we’ll meet at her place on a Monday and that I could stay at her place telling that I was a friend from her time in Kerala. The decided day came and I made it to Pune and reached her apartment by around 9.30am. She said that she’ll be up late, so I’d to get the key from the watchman (she’d informed him) which was left by her husband when he left to office. I did the same and I entered her apartment.


She was alone and sleeping in the hall. I kept my bag on one side and looked at her sleeping. She was wearing a black camisole and shorts. Since she was sleeping on one side I could see her boobs bulging out of her camisole. I could make out that her stats were 36-32-38 with wheatish complexion. I just wanted to pounce on her fleshy assets. But controlled myself. I then took off my jeans and my tshirt and lied down beside her wearing only my boxers. I got into her blanket slowly. She realized it was me as I’d called her 10 mins before reaching her place. So she just took my hand and placed it on her left boob while her back was pressed against me. I started slowly pressing her fleshy bosoms. She was wearing a black bra. I unhooked it from behind and took it out of her camisole and started pressing her boobs harder. She started letting out slow moans. It made me turn on so fast and I started biting her neck while grinding my hard-on above my boxer onto her ass. I slowly moved my hands slowly downwards and started playing with her belly button. She started squirming when I made my way to her shorts. I started caressing her thighs and slowly pulling her shorts up. That’s when I realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I pulled the shorts harder so that the cloth will tighten on her pussy. Then I let it go and started rubbing her pussy above her shorts. Once it was pretty wet, I pulled down her shorts while kissing her on the lips from behind.

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She said, “Lady’s first”, then got up and led me to the bedroom. She asked me to layback on the bed. We started kissing and smooched for about 10 mins, exploring each other’s mouth and biting each other’s lips. She slowly made her way to my nipples and bit them. I hardly stayed in control. She started kissing down further till she reached my boxers. She kissed and rubbed my hard-on above my boxers. Then she pulled it down slowly and started kissing the tip of my cock and licking off the precum. She then took my cock in her mouth and started blowing me. I was so excited because she was so experienced but was able to hold back somehow. She kept going for the next 15 minutes and started playing with my balls too. This drove me over the edge and I cummed so much in her mouth.

After that it was my turn. I removed her camisole and started kissing her heaving boobs. Her nipples were so erect by then. I started biting them while she let out soft moans. Then I slowly made my way to her clean shaved pussy. I parted her legs and kissed her inner thighs. She started moaning a bit louder now. Then I put my finger on her pussy parting the lips. I looked at her, she could hardly keep her eyes open but she saw me looking at her and said, “Do it. Eat my pussy.” And I dug right in. I parted her pussy lips using my fingers and started licking her wet pussy. She started going crazy at this point and was pressing me to her pussy by pulling my hair while pressing her boobs with the other hand. I started swirling my tongue inside her pussy, lubricating it well. She arched her back and was on the verge of cumming. I knew I hit the right spot then, so I kept at it and started rubbing her clit for driving her over the edge. It worked. Her whole body began shaking and she came so hard with her pussy juices on my tongue. I lifted my head up and started kissing her.

She started rubbing my cock and then took it again in her mouth. It became hard quickly and she was ripe for the ride. She put on a condom on my hard dick, laid down and slowly guided my cock into her wet pussy. It slowly slithered in and I started pumping her increasing my speed with each stroke. Once the rhythm was set, I started pounding her hard and fast. She started moaning loudly. It got me more excited, so I started crushing her boobs with my hands. Now I wanted to fuck her on all fours. So I asked her to turn around and bend down on her knees. She pushed her ass up for me and I pushed my cock in and started pounding her from behind while grabbing her boobs and hair from time to time. This went on for sometime and I was close to cumming. But she said that she wanted me to relax and let her do the work as she wanted to see my face. I agreed and she laid me back and started riding me. I got excited seeing her big boobs jumping up and down, so I grabbed them and bit them, then bit her lips while she rode me by gyrating her hips. We both climaxed soon and I could feel her pussy juices over my crotch. We both lied down and rested, kissing and me playing with her boobs. We’d one more session in the evening before her hubby came and one more the next morning after he left for the office. We bid adieu after that. And I got transferred soon to another city. Hopefully we might meet someday.

Pls. share your feedbacks at [email protected] I’m always up for exploring new kinks. So anyone interested, can reach out to me through mail. Keep an eye out for more stories and have a nice day…!

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