Mother and son’s first time

Mother and son’s first time, Janice checked her calendar; yes this was the day that she was to pick up her son at the airport. He was coming back from college for winter break. This was the longest Jayson and her had been apart. She didn’t realize how much she would miss him when he went away to college. He had to go to Colorado to school; if only he had gone to a local school, they could have spent more time together. Since she kicked her husband out, over three years ago; Jayson was the man around the house. Matthew was only nine years old and couldn’t do a lot of the man stuff that needed to be done around the house. Her ex offered, but he was only interested in one thing, money so he could gamble it away. Oh, Maybe two things, he did want sex sometimes. He was so good in bed it was hard for Janis to turn him down. All these things were running through her mind as she drove to the airport to pick up her son.

She got there early; she wanted Jayson to see her when he got off the plane. She wanted him to know how much she missed him. About half the passengers had embarked and still no Jayson. Just when she was beginning to worry, she saw him step onto the concourse. Was it her imagination or did he look bigger and even more handsome than when he left for college just four short months ago? When he saw her, he ran to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.


“How are you doing mom,” he asked.

“Now, I’m doing fine. It’s good to have you home. I missed having my big man around the house,” replied Janis.

“Mom, you’ve been calling me your big man ever since I was fifteen years old and Dad left.”

“Yes, but now you are my big man, you’re eighteen and have been away from home for almost four months. I missed you more than you know.”

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They went and got his luggage loaded in the car and drove home. “They talked all the way home Well, Jayson talked, Janis just listened. They had kept in touch by e-mail and chatting on-line, but nothing took the place of talking face to face. Janis could touch him whenever she wanted and you can’t do that through a computer.

When they got home Jayson unpacked, well actually he opened his suitcase and dumped everything in the laundry room. “Merry Christmas, Mom,” Jayson said with a laugh.

“You’re such a smart ass,” Janis answered back, also laughing. She started to go through the laundry sorting darks, lights and delicates. Suddenly, she came across a pair of panties. She put them in the her hand and walked into Jayson’s room. “Is there another woman in your life or is there something you want to tell me,” Janis asked with a big smile on her face.

“I don’t know how they got in there, Mom. Um…I guess they, err.”

“Jayson, stop stammering, you’re eighteen, I know you’re getting laid. Is this someone special or is she just a good piece of ass?” asked Janis.

“Mom, talk about being delicate, you could ruin my whole psyche, you know. Ruin my sex life for years and years,” Jayson said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh, cut the crap, you’ve been getting some ever since you were sixteen.” chuckled Janis. She saw the surprised look in his face. “Oh, I’m not that dumb, I know the smell of sex. When you were in high school and you would borrow my car for a date, I could tell when you got lucky. There were times I had to leave the windows open day and night to get that smell out of my car. Now getting back to these panties, do they belong to someone special?”

“I’m not sure, Mom. We’ve only been going out for about a month. We really haven’t gotten that close, yet. I got those when I said goodbye to her, last night. I asked her to give me something to remember her until Winter break was over. She looked around and reached under her skirt and pulled these out.”

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They were interrupted by Jayson’s twelve-year old brother coming home and yelling, “what’s for supper, I’m hungry.”

“Nothing for you, you dwebe” shouted Jayson.

“Jayson, you’re home.” Matthew came running to see his big brother. There was a big age difference between them, but they were close. After the divorce, Jayson looked after his little brother. He took him under his wing and showed him things that young boys learn from their fathers.

Janis had her family together again, at least for a few weeks. They probably wouldn’t do anything special, but at least they were together. They had dinner together, for the first time in four months. When it was over, Jayson made a few phone calls, asked to borrow the car and went out to be with his friends. Janis and Matthew felt left out, but they had another four weeks before he had to go back to school.

Janis was in bed when Jayson came home. She heard him turn on the TV before she feel asleep. She had a dream about Jayson getting his father’s old weight set out and working out in the basement. She would watch him workout with the weights, dressed only in tight small shorts and had sweat glistening on his body. She woke up feeling weird about her dream. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of it; what did the dream mean, she thought.

The next few days were repeats of the first day. Janis would come home from work; cook supper and Jayson would eat and leave.

Finally the weekend came, it was Matthew’s weekend to spend with his father. Janis would have Jayson all to herself, if he stayed home. Saturday morning came and Janis got to sleep in late. She heard pots and pans rattling in the kitchen, Jayson was up, she might as well get up too. She threw a short silk robe over her near naked body and went out to help Jayson make breakfast.

Just as she entered the kitchen, she heard Jayson yell “shit.” She ran in to see what he did. He was holding his hand; he had cut his finger trying to open a coffee can. Janis ran over to him “Let me see that honey she said,” He was holding his finger and blood was running down his arm. “Here, sit down,” she said to Jayson. “Let me look at it.” She got a paper towel and wiped the blood off his finger to look at the cut. It was still bleeding, so she told Jayson to put pressure on the cut while she went to the bathroom to get the first aid kit and some peroxide.

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She bent over him, looking at his cut, it wasn’t too deep, he didn’t need stitches. She put some peroxide on his cut and put a band aide on the cut, She was focusing so much on his cut, that she wasn’t paying attention to Jayson. When she looked at him, she saw he was staring down her partly opened robed, She looked down herself and saw what he saw; an unobstructed view of her naked tits hanging loosely in her robe and her transparent panties.

Janis stood up like nothing had happened; after all she wasn’t a prude. In the raising of her two boys, she never treated nudity as evil or wrong. She didn’t go around the house flaunting herself; but she didn’t freak out if one of her c***dren walked in on her at an inappropriate time. Plus he was a teenage male, one with his hormones raging; she would have been more concerned if he didn’t look. He had a young girlfriend, what interest could he have in looking at a pair of forty year old tits, other than a quick peak.

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