Mom’s invitation opens up new world for son

Dancing with Danger Mom’s invitation opens up new world for son, family taboo, incest stories,

“So you can see my problem. I know you are usually busy on Friday nights but I just wondered…”


My mom, Sandra, seemed to run out of steam and sat back heavily on the sofa as I stood and looked at her.

“You want me to go with you to your company’s annual dinner and dance?”

I guess the astonishment sounded in my voice because she shook her head.

“No, no, it’s ok, I’ll see if Jean can come with me.”

Jean was my mother’s best friend, a lovely lady, but somehow not the best partner for a posh do.

“You don’t have to ask Jean, I would love to come with you but I don’t dance, not even a little bit.”

“I suppose it’s not cool for a twenty-three year old to waltz or quickstep is it?”

“No, not very. I’m sure I can find out how on the Internet though, when is the dance?”

“Oh, you have two weeks and Michael?”


“Thank you, sweetie, it means a lot to me. Taking your poor old mom out for the evening.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find something for you to do in return, not that you are poor or old. Sexy and youthful is how I would describe you.”

“Oh you, go, get out of here before put you over my knee!”

Mike laughed and headed out to his truck, he had football practice and didn’t want to be late.


The instructions on the Internet looked totally baffling and Michael found himself moving around his bedroom like a constipated chicken. After his third night of watching himself in the closet mirror and getting utterly discouraged he knew he’d have to speak with his mother. There was no way he was gonna let her down, not if he could help it.

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Mom, can you come up here?” He called out over the banister and listened for a reply.

“I’m already up here.” The voice from behind made him jump and Mike turned to see his mother standing outside her bedroom door wearing just a robe. Her face was flushed and her hair wet; he knew she’d just had a shower.

“Oh … oh, I um … I’m sorry, guess I didn’t hear you above the music.” He had never noticed before how tall his mom was, her legs seemed to go on forever, and the pink silk material wrapped around her left very little to the imagination.

“What did you want, baby?”

“I … I.” His brain seemed to have turned to mush, what had he wanted to say? “Oh, yeah, I’m trying these dances, but I can’t do it, can you help me?”

The sound of his mother laughing made him grin, it was wonderful, and he realized he didn’t hear it often enough.

“Let me slip into something else and I’ll come give you a lesson.”

He just nodded. Dancing with her in the robe would have been fine, but somehow he didn’t think his mother or his rapidly hardening cock could have dealt with it.


Slumping down onto his bed Mike ran a hand over his pants, pressing down the tenting and groaned. What was happening to him wasn’t right, and if it were anything other than his mom’s special evening he would have backed off already.

The first time they danced together his mother had changed into a pair of the Lycra pants she used to exercise in and a vest top. She’d had no bra on because of her recent shower and her breasts had been soft against him as they practiced. She had smelled wonderful and he had tried to keep his lower half away from her and she had scolded. Telling him his positioning was all wrong.

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The following night they had danced again and he’d had the same problem. In the end he’d decided he just had to go with the flow, so to speak, and if his mother felt him he would deal with it, if she didn’t say anything he’d keep quiet as well.

It had been a great plan, but every time their session ended he had found himself lying on his bed jacking off to visions of his mother dancing with him in just her underwear. He knew she wore stockings and suspender belts because he’d seen them in the laundry. Her panties too weren’t the sort you imagined your own mother wearing and on a few occasions he had held them to his face, sniffing and even sucking on them before putting them in the machine on a delicate cycle.

For the session they had just finished his mother had worn a floaty knee length skirt and silky blouse explaining how they needed to start dancing in the type of clothes they would be wearing in three days time. A rummage through his closet helped his prom suit to surface but it was clear the years since he’d worn it had contained some major growth spurts and it no longer fitted. He wore overalls for his job as a mechanic and smart for him usually meant jeans and a polo shirt.

His mother had offered to buy him a new one for the dance and the following day they would be going shopping. Not a trip that filled him with delight except it meant he would get to spend more time with her and Mike was finding he wanted that more than anything.

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With her shoulder length dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a figure that belied her years Mike knew his mom turned heads wherever she went. What he didn’t know was why she hadn’t dated in at least a year if not longer. His dad had left when he was five, moving in with and then marrying his secretary. She was a nice woman, but nothing like as beautiful as his mom.

He heard the shower begin to run and instantly his cock hardened as he pictured his mother, naked, with the hot water running over her body. He could see her ample breasts, imagine her having big dark nipples, which were tightening to show stiff, protruding nubs he could pull on, suckle and lick.

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