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Shruthi would never forget the day her baby boy’s balls came in. She had been playing with her 4 year old girl, Anu, in the bedroom at the time, molesting the little child for almost an hour non stop. Her husband had left the house earlier that day, after emptying his full balls down his young daughter’s throat, while her mother forced her tiny head onto the large penis, trying to force more of it down her pretty mouth but only succeeding in getting the head inside. She’d felt so horny and aroused watching her husband moan with his cock head inserted into his daughter’s tiny throat as her little hands pressed against his testicles, just like he loved it. She’d pressed on his perineum as he came, closing her own hand around Anu’s chubby fingers and making her gently squeeze her father’s filled testicles, as he sent his thick load down her baby throat. She’d been such a good girl and swallowed it without complaint that she earned an extra kiss from Daddy right on her little hairless pussy slit, making her giggle as he lovingly pushed his hot tongue into her little mound. Shruthi had sent him off after making him cum again after a handjob, stroking his dick from behind and pushing her tongue into his asshole as he passionately lathered his baby girl’s vagina with his saliva. He was going to be back early in the evening to join his wife explore their little ones’ cute little bodies, and he’d promised to bring a few toys to push up his baby daughter’s virgin holes. Shruthi couldn’t wait.

After finishing her work in the house, she’d undressed her daughter again, took her to the bed right next to where her 8 month old brother Jit was sleeping in his crib, and began warming up for the evening by softly kissing her plump little body from bottom to top. Anu giggled as her mother licked her little soft soles and sucked on her perfect tiny toes, with her cute fingers stuffed in her mouth in a way that reminded Shruthi of how pretty her husband’s thick penis had looked inside his daughter’s mouth. Shruthi took Anu’s whole foot into her mouth and sucked on it, her pussy becoming wetter and wetter as she tasted her little angel’s cute wriggling toes in her mouth. Shruthi lovingly layered her spit all over her daughter’s cute white thighs, sniffing at her tiny slit of a vagina, and gently prodding her tight little hole with her wet fingers. She slapped the cute mound a couple of times and elicited squeals of pain from the little baby. She raised Anu’s arms up and on an impulse, bent forward and licked her baby’s armpits, tasting the slightly salty skin. By this time Anu was drooling down her chin and her mother eagerly lapped up the trickle of saliva. Both she and her husband had grown accustomed to the taste of baby saliva in the last few months, from both their children, and they both loved to exchange saliva with their children until all four of them had their lips drenched in both adult spit and baby drool. Shruthi took Anu’s face in her hands and animalistically dragged her heavy tongue across her soft cute pink lips. The girl was surprised and laughed childishly, arousing her mother even more. Anu felt her mouth fill with saliva and gently pulled her baby’s lips open with her fingers, gently dropping her spit down onto her cute wriggling pink tongue. She told her to swallow and the child did. She repeated this three more times, gently depositing her spit into her daughter’s little mouth, while her hands slowly massaged the little one’s pussy and nipples.


The fifth time, however, the poor child couldn’t keep all that slippery spit in her mouth and let her mother’s saliva dribble out of her lips down to her flat chest. Her mother frowned. Disobedience was not tolerated in that household. The girl tensed, sensing a punishment was coming, and her mother, unfortunately, was in a punishing mood for sure. However, Shruthi slowly smiled and pretended like nothing was wrong. She laid on her back on the bed and lifted the baby girl in the air, positioning her cute mouth above her own, and told her to spit in Mommy’s mouth. The little girl understood and parted her pink lips. The gravity helped and soon pure baby saliva was drooling out of her mouth and into her pervert mother’s wide open one. Shruthi closed her eyes and relished the taste of the baby spit, involuntarily spreading her legs apart like a whore and wishing her husband was there to shove his meat into her filthy vagina. Anu was trying her best to keep spitting into her mother’s mouth, squealing as Mommy kept rubbing her tiny pink nipples on her flat chest.
But the baby’s mouth eventually ran out of baby slobber, and Shruthi opened her eyes, smiling smugly, having found a fault she could pick on. She stood up, took off her clothes and lied back on the bed naked, taking her baby girl in her arms. The little child attempted to latch onto her mother’s huge brown teats poking out of her large breasts and received a slap on her face. Shruthi only allowed her darling baby boy to drink from her boobs, her daughter was far less important to her, mostly a toy to play with and abuse. Shruthi rubbed her shaved pussy a few times, breathing into her little one’s face and whispering endearings to her, consoling her for the slap. When Anu began to smile again, Shruthi folded up her knee and set her baby gently on it, so that her tiny mound rested on her hard kneecap. Anu’s legs were spread apart with one on either side of the sharp mountain that was her Mommy’s knee. Shruthi brought her mouth close to Anu’s and forcefully spat between her lips. Anu reeled and barely recovered before her mother sucked on her tiny pink tongue and collected some of her baby drool to rub on her stiff clitoris. Now Shruthi was in prime position to punish her little one and get her pleasure at the same time. She commanded her to spit again, and poor Anu managed one quick spit into her mother’s hands, which went straight to lube her vagina. She tried to accumulate a second mouthful of saliva, but couldn’t, and her mother waited a few seconds, her smile widening.

WHAM! Shruthi had lost her patience and had brought her precious little girl’s exposed naked groin slamming down hard onto her sharp knee, violently impaling her baby’s tender young clitoris and vulva onto what must have felt like a jagged rock. The poor thing collapsed and fell on her mother with a yelp of utter pain, clutching both her little palms against her bruised groin, her slim legs spread wide apart and reeling from the force that her mother had applied right between them. Shruthi laughed and patted her baby’s hair, gripping it and raising her tearful head to meet her own. She opened her whore mouth again, and now Anu managed to conjure a few drops of spit to transfer into it. She ran dry again and Shruthi flipped her over, licked her smooth white thighs a few times and then held one foot in each hand, slowly bringing them apart, as her baby’s legs made a V, which grew wider and wider. Anu’s baby eyes grew wider as her mother kept pulling her legs apart and showed no signs of stopping. Shruthi looked her in the eyes as she made her daughter do a perfect split upside down midair, and then kept going, widening, widening, her face was inches from her baby girl’s straining stretched vagina, and she loved that those tender baby pussy lips were being stretch beyond limit. Anu began crying softly, and Shruthi just looked her in the eyes to let her know silently that she really didn’t care, it meant nothing for her to split her darling daughter into two by tearing her groin apart. Just as the child began crying in terror, her mother stuffed her young face into her shaved vulva, squeezing her child’s face between her spread thighs like a whore and suffocating her in her sweaty sex. She ordered the poor thing to lick and Anu obeyed immediately – the little child knew that her Mommy would definitely tear her peepee parts into two if she was angry, so she inhaled her moist, filthy vagina’s scent and licked the folds in a desperate bid for survival. The excitement got to her, though, and her Mommy was pleasantly surprised when, in addition to the heavenly feeling in her sweaty cunt, she saw her young baby’s pee spurt out of her tightly stretched apart pussy. Without a second thought, she plunged her face forward and placed her lips around the fountain, proceeding to drink all of her angel’s salty juices straight down.

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