Mom and dad surprises Bianca for her 19th birthday

A Birthday to Remember, Mom and dad surprises Bianca for her 19th birthday

“Rise and shine birthday girl!!”


I open my eyes and glance at the digital clock next to my bed…4:30am. “Moooooom what the hell, look at the time!” I pull the covers over my head and grunt. It’s a school day after all. I need my rest.

“Come on babygirl, open those gorgeous eyes, we have a special treat for you” … this time coming from dad as he pulls the duvet off of me and it lands in a heap on the floor.

“Ok, ok… I’m awake” I mutter grumpily.

As my eyes adjust to the dim light coming in from the bathroom light across my room I notice something that has me awake instantly… mom and dad are both naked. Well, well… this might be worth getting woken up early for!

I scoot over to the middle of my bed to allow some space for them (one on each side of me). Simultaneously they start pulling at my nighty and I lift my ass off the bed and then sit up a bit so they can pull it off.

Mommy’s hand moves down to my smooth pussy and I instinctively part my legs. “Mmmm must have been a lovely dream you had there young lady”, she teases as she feels the wetness between my legs. I just give her a sheepish grin.

Daddy leans over and whispers happy birthday to me and gives me one of his mind blowing kisses. It’s no wonder I always catch mom kissing him, he’s an amazing kisser. I close my eyes and give myself over to the moment… mommy softly rubbing my pussy and daddy’s amazing kiss while he fondles my tits.

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I open my eyes as I feel some movement on the bed, just to see mom positioning herself between my legs, spreading them wide. I moan softly when her lips touch my sensitive clit before she starts licking up and down my wet slit with agonizingly slow strokes. I lift my hips but she manages to avoid my clit and just continues the licking, then plunging her tongue into my wet hole.

By this time daddy had stopped kissing me and was sucking on my hard nipples. If this was my birthday present, I want a birthday every day, I thought.

I shifted a little so I could reach daddy’s cock and start to stroke it… slowly like I was taught… wouldn’t want this to end too quickly after all. He groaned and sat up, dangling his cock in my face. I lick my lips before flicking the tip of my tongue over his swollen head, licking up the drops of pre-cum that has already formed. I slipped the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, then taking him deeper into my mouth, sucking harder. After only a few seconds of this daddy pulled away and told mommy it was his turn.

With a playful nibble to my clit mommy got up and changed places with daddy. I could see the cream of her pussy running down her leg already. That always amazes me… mommy is so creamy and I just have a clear liquid.

As daddy positioned himself between my legs, his expert fingers tracing little circles around my clit before he plunges one into me, mommy straddles my face, her delicious pussy ready for my eager tongue.

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I grab her hips and pull her onto my face, my mouth covering her pussy, hungrily licking up the cream which just never seems to stop. Suddenly daddy did the same to me and I almost came right then as his mouth cover my pussy and he suck my clit into his mouth, his finger expertly massaging my g-spot.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before mom would cum so I sucked harder on her clit, letting my tongue plunge into her. Daddy added another finger into my pussy and started fucking me while he sucked my clit. As if arranged mommy and I came at exactly the same time… I swallowed her cream as fast as I could but some always went to waste!

Daddy licked up all my juices and then I felt him lifting my legs up and placing them on his shoulders while he rubbed his cock head over my clit and through my wetness. He paused for a second and then slipped it into me… just the head… I gasped (as I always did coz daddy had a really thick cock). He held it like that for a few seconds and when he felt me slightly move against him he thrust his cock into me in one swift move.

Mommy was now lying beside me and she kissed me before she started sucking on my nipples. Daddy started a slow rhythm… sliding his cock in and out of me ever so slowly. His self control is amazing. After a few minutes of slowly making love to me he started to increase his pace. God it felt so good… daddy’s cock completely filling me and mommy sucking and nibbling on my nipples. I wanted more and I told daddy to fuck me harder and that I needed to cum again. Always eager to please he obliged. I clamped my pussy tightly around his cock as yet another orgasm hit me and with one final, deep thrust I could feel daddy’s hot cum spurting into me. He held his cock deep in me while he caught his breath, then lowered my legs and leaned down to give me one of those amazing kisses of his!

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