Me and my cousin Rose

Hi guy my name is John(fake name) and this is my first time sharing. I’m a frequent reader of ISS and I thought about writing my own experiences and fantasies.

This is a story is a about me and my elder cousin sister Rose. I’m 21 years now I have a 5.7 inch dick which is very thick and im 175 cm tall. My elder cousin sister is 26 with medium big boobs and ass with a curvy body and she’s just 3/4th my height and she’s 5 years elder to me.


This all started when I was 14 and she was 19. Me and my cousin sister where so close and we share everything. It was the first day of our summer vacations and I went to her house to meet her family and have a sleepover over. When I entered the house my aunt welcomed me and told me that Rose was in her room. And I went upstairs to her room and opened the door of her room and was shocked to see her semi naked in her pink bra and panties. We both starred at each other for 5 sec and she yelled John and closed the door. From that moment I knew that I was in love with her hot body. It’s the day when I started viewing her in a dirty way.

I was scared and went downstairs and my aunt asked me didn’t you see her and I in a broken voice told her that she’s changing her dress. She came down and I was silent and didn’t talk much and was feeling guilty. My uncle put on a movie and turned the lights off and during the movie she came and sat beside me like usual during a movie and put her hands around my shoulder and told me it’s ok I’m not going to tell anyone. I was back to normal….

A few months have passed and she started exposing infront of me every time I go visit her. I usually went to her house about 2 to 3 times a week. She started wearing her dad’s old shirts and as her dad was fat it was very loose. I could always see her bra and cleavage when she was in my uncle’s shirt. I started to fap daily thinking about her and her big boobs.

She knew that I was looking at her boobs and everytime she catches me looking at her boobs she gives me a naughty smile. As we both are from a well educated family I knew that nothing naughty between us can’t Happen. So one day I maned up like a bother coz I couldn’t control myself when Im with her and seeing her cleavage and I told her that these shirts are loose and I can see her bra and cleavage. She replied with a naughty sexy smile and told me it’s ok for me to see her body and she doesn’t mind her brother checking her out and gavee me a tight hug and a kiss on my cheek.

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From that day onwards I never controlled my Bonner and was checking her hot sexy body and each and every time she sees me checking her out she bits her lips and gives a naughty smile. I was talking it slow as I knew that she will never let me fuck her or do anything dirty with her and so that I can’t still enjoy seeing her non nude sexy curvy body.

Months passed by and the she allowed me to grab her navel and hug her whenever I want and she started sleeping with me as she trusted me that I won’t loose my control. The things that she never let me do are kissing her lips, grabing her boobs and ass or hump her. We both spend more time in her room and she lets me watch her trying on new dresses and I had a great time with her seeing her in bras and panties but she never let me see her nude.

I forgot to tell you guys that she has a boyfriend and he has fucked her 3 times and on the other hand I was a virgin.
So during a summer vacation (I was 19 and she was 24) her family and my family went on a tour to a hill station and when we reached they both our parents gave us our own room for the first time saying that we are mature enough and they trust us. Our room had 2 single beds and a bathroom. At night it was pouring heavily and it was 16 degrees and we both where freezing. As I had 2 bottles of beer and 3 shots of vodka I was drunk and was comfy in my sweatshirt and was warm. Rose only had a beer and was freezing and as a caring brother I gave my blanket to her and slept. In the middle of the night I got up freezing and it was 2am and i saw rose sleeping inside the 2 blanket. I got up and woke her up and she opened her eyes and asked me if I’m feeling cold and want to cuddle with her. I quickly got inside and our faces was facing each other I hugged her for warmth and she hugged me back. I looked into her eyes and layed my lips on her and kissed her. She pulled back her head and asked what I’m doing. I replied that no one needs to know. After few seconds she started kissing for 3 minutes and she turned the other way and slept.

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I wrapped my arms on around her and placed my hand inside her t-shirt and on her navel. I was rubbing my dick on her ass and was slowly grinding. I moved my hands to her boobs to press her but she got up and got angry and before she could finish yelling I french kissed her and we started making out. After few minutes she broke the kiss when I grabbed her boobs. She said this is wrong and we shouldn’t be doing this and I confessed that I’m a virgin and after 5 mins of staring into her eyes she said she will give me a hand job and thats it. I quickly dropped my pants and she was surprised to see my 6 inch thick rod. She started stroking it. After 5mins I got up from the bed. I said that I was to see her naked. She refused first but she agreed. I removed her dress. She was wearing a black bra and red underwear. She took off her bra not her panties. I was stunned to see her naked boobs. It was bigger than I thought it would be with pink nipples. I started playing with her boobs while we kissed and she came to her knees and started stroking. Her mouth was near my cock so with a little push she took my dick in her mouth. She quickly backed out and stared at me and I said please and she started blowing me. It was heavenly. I came in her mouth just after 3 mins of her blowing me and she took everything in her mouth and drank it. I was happy that this happened.

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It was 3am now and I wanted to push my luck with her so I told her I would like to return the favor and picked her up and dropped her on the bed removed her panties. She was struggling not to let me come near her trimmed pink pussy as she thought I was going to fuck her. She stopped the struggle as I started liking her wet pussy. I started using my tongue and she was giving out small morns and while I sucked her pussy she started tell me that her bf never sucks her pussy. I could see the joy on her face as she came on my face. We both laid on the bed naked catching out breath. My face was drenched in her juice. After talking rest for 5mins she said we should clean up and go to bed. We both got up cleaned the room and she walked into the bathroom saying that shes going to take a hot bath. I followed her and said I’m coming too and that you need to clean my face.

We both got into the bathroom and she started kissing me and licking my face and asked wether it is cleaned or not. My dick got harder and we started kissing while the bathtub was filling with hot water. It was the first time I that she let me touch her freely. My hands was all over her body and my dicl was craving for her juicy pussy. I started fingering her and she was making sexy facial expressions. This turned me on again and seeing my thick dick she told me that this is the first and last time so don’t ask her or touch her body after this. I said ok and she turned off the water and came towards me grabbed my dick and gave me a kiss and told me let’s make this memory count and she spat on my dick and positioned it under her pussy.

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