Hot wife at casino gambles for more than money

Sex stories, Hot wife at casino gambles for more than money, My wife Beth was normally a conservative type. Although she was a very passionate woman in bed, rarely did she ever divulge her sexual fantasies to me. The only one she ever really discussed was the idea of having sex with two men while I watched. Under normal circumstances, this would have bothered me, but as our relationship grew, I became more secure in knowing Beth loved me and her fantasy was a healthy desire. We often talked about it during our incredible sex sessions, but never at any other time. One night we just happen to catch part of a porno flick on TV that showed a woman having sex with several men. On a whim, I brought up Beth’s fantasy of having sex with other men and teased her a little about it. Out of the blue, she asked if I would really let her do something like that. Detecting that she was a little more serious than normal, I told her as long as I was present at the time it happened, it would be an incredible experience for everyone concerned.

After our second child was born, Beth worked hard to regain the body she had when we were first married. Frequent trips to the gym and hours on the stationary bike in our basement led to her looking the best she ever had – weighing in at a gorgeous 115 lbs., 34C-26-34. To help her celebrate her achievements, I bought her a session at a spa and her hairdresser.


Knowing that Beth would want to go out and indulge herself after her trip to the salon, I arranged to have the teenage daughter of a neighbour look after the kids for the night. When Beth got home that afternoon she looked absolutely stunning. Her long brown hair curled down over her shoulders, framing her perfect face. I told her that tonight was her night to do anything she wanted. We agreed to go out for a nice meal, followed by a visit to the new casino that had opened in town. When she came downstairs, ready to leave, she was a vision. Beth had put on a simple black dress that revealed just how hard she had worked to get back into shape. Her heels accentuated the curve of her calves, and just a hint of thigh showed before the hem hid the rest of her legs.

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We started off with a nice meal at a classy restaurant near the casino. I was very proud to be seen with such a beauty…and impressed just how the service improved from the young wait staff for my beautiful lady. After we paid the bill, Beth and I decided to head for the next destination, The Crown Royale. Things were buzzing when we got there, a sizable crowd had turned out for the night and everyone was taking in the gambling action. Beth and I circulated a little bit to have a good look at the casino since this was our first visit. Since neither of us were big gamblers, we decided to start with the slot machines. Beth had better luck than I did and had soon accumulated a nice little bundle of about $1,350. Rather than blow it back on the machines, she suggested we head for the nightclub and dance a bit. We hit the dance floor for a few faster songs and when a slow song came on, I finally got the chance to hold her close. I knew everyone was looking at her because she was the most beautiful woman in the room. I told her how much I loved her and asked her how she was enjoying her night.

After the song ended, we headed back to our table. As we arrived there, I heard a man call out to Beth. As it turned out, one of the guys from the fitness club was there as well and he recognized Beth. She introduced him as Dave. He was a younger guy, maybe mid 20s and in great shape. Dave seemed polite and was very complimentary to how Beth was looking.

“Too bad you’re a married woman,” he winked. “You’re a lucky man to have someone like this lady with you.”

“Stop it Dave. You’re embarrassing me in front of my husband,” Beth joked back. “Besides…you’re only saying these things because you’re used to seeing me all hot and sweaty at the gym.”

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“Listen, I gotta head back to the casino. I have a friend losing all his money out there. Maybe we’ll meet up later.” With that Dave shook my hand, kissed Beth on the cheek and disappeared back into the crowd.

I commented on how he seemed to be very interested in her. Beth said she couldn’t understand why, Dave was much younger than both of us and could have any girl he wanted. I kept teasing her about him, finally suggesting that I suspected if the chance presented itself, Dave would be more than a willing candidate to help my wife turn her fantasy into reality.

“So what…you seemed to enjoy that just as much as I do,” she said.

“You’re right,” I replied. “And after all…tonight is your night to do anything you want. Anything at all.”

We decided to head back into the casino to try a few other new things before we called it a night. Beth spotted Dave at one of the blackjack tables and suggested we head over to see how our acquaintance was doing. Dave introduced us to his friend Tom, who was visiting from England. Tom was also in incredible shape, the muscles of his arms clearly visible underneath his golf shirt. An older fellow sitting at the table was also playing, but soon bowed out after losing the last of his chips. Dave suggested Beth use some of her winnings from the slots to buy a few chips and give the card game a try. I agreed, since the money was “free” money from earlier. It wasn’t long before Beth was down to nothing. Obviously, blackjack was not her game. Since everyone was having a good time, Dave suggested that he and Tom would kick in a few chips just to keep the game going.

“But if I lose, I can’t pay you back,” Beth said. “I’ve lost my winnings and I really don’t want to make this a habit.”

“We’ll work out a way,” Dave said, winking at me. I knew what he had on his mind…Dave wanted to sleep with Beth. Tom, maybe sensing this, jumped in with his agreement.

“I’ll tell you what,” Dave said. “Just for bragging rights, if you lose the next hand, give me your nylons. If you lose the hand after that, give me your panties.”

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Beth looked at me in disbelief. “But I’m not wearing any panties,” she whispered in my ear.

“OK, guys…here’s the deal. If Beth loses, she agrees to give you guys a private show back at our house,” I said. I felt Beth’s hand tighten in mine in protest. I knew she would enjoy the chance to have a little more fun with these two guys and just needed a little more incentive.

Dave and Tom whispered back and forth to each other and then Dave said, “It’s a deal.” Both Dave and Tom kicked in a hundred-dollar chip for Beth. The dealer laid the cards out…and the most amazing thing happened: Beth drew a clean 21. Dave and Tom had lost the bet!

“OK guys, here’s your chips back…now let’s keep things friendly. Since it’s my night and I’m having fun, let’s get out of here and go back to our place for a nightcap,” she said. The guys agreed, since they had been bested fair and square…and still got their money back. On the way out, Beth whispered to me to head home right away and get rid of the baby-sitter. She would follow along with Dave and Tom to give them directions. I kissed her and quickly departed to relieve the baby-sitter back at home and prepare for the arrival of my wife and her new friends.

Back at the house, I hurried the baby-sitter away and set up the bar. Beth arrived with the guys a few minutes later. They all came giggling, obviously in a party mood already. Although I didn’t mention it, I noticed that Beth was no longer wearing her pantyhose. We headed for the bar room and settled in. Beth, Dave and Tom were certainly connecting, and I sat back and watched with great interest.

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