Helping my sister-in-law get back at her boyfriend

At last the day came for Kasey’s wedding. We hadn’t been sure if we’d be able to go, Erica and I, with Erica being a day past her due date for our baby. We’d both been convinced baby would arrive early, but it was still hanging on in there. We’d hoped, to be fair, that baby would wait long enough to allow us to go to the wedding. Erica had always been close to Kasey and since her fiancée had finally proposed after nearly 10 years, Erica had been so excited to go to her wedding. I was looking forward to it as well of course. I’d only seen Kasey a couple of times since mine and Erica’s wedding night, when Kasey had been part of the surprise Erica had given me in our bedroom that night. Thank goodness her fiancée hadn’t been able to get time off work that day and they lived too far away to make it for the evening!

There would be no repeat of that tonight of course. Kasey would of course be spending the night with her new husband, and with Erica ready to burst and tiring very easily, we’d be leaving early.


The day was lovely. Erica and I sat of the back of the church, just in case, while the rest of her family sat further forward. Of course, this meant that we were among the first to see Kasey as she came up the aisle. She looked truly stunning, her hair not dissimilar to Erica’s at our wedding, but in a flowing, plain gown. She must have had tall heels on, as she was usually exceptionally short, but today seemed only a bit shorter than Erica’s average height. She was still dwarfed by her husband of course, who is particularly tall at well over 6 foot. I couldn’t help daydreaming about my own wedding night, with Erica, her younger sister Alice and the new bride Kasey while the ceremony was going on.

Alice was looking fantastic today as well, wearing a patterned green dress which accentuated her breasts and was also showing a healthy amount of leg, with her ginger hair done long and straight today.

The Reception was also gorgeous, with all sorts of canapes and live music in a stunning venue. Luckily the weather held as well, which had been a worry as the day prior had seen torrential rain.

We sat with Erica’s family for the meal, her parents, her brother Alan and her sister Alice and her new boyfriend, Brad. I can’t say I was a massive fan of Brad, and from what Alice had been saying to Erica we felt it probably wouldn’t last much longer, but we all chatted pleasantly to each other. Erica and I weren’t drinking, as I would be driving home and of course Erica was pregnant, but the rest of the table were. Erica’s family were making the most of the free wine during the meal, and Alice especially, sat beside me, was quickly getting very tipsy as the waitress never allowed her glass to empty.

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Erica’s mum and Alice both steadily got louder as the drinks went down through the meal, and Alice had to be laughingly shushed a couple of times during the meal. She took this a quite well at first from myself and Erica who made a joke of it, until Brad made the mistake of getting annoyed and telling her to, “Shut up.” I just about managed to persuade her not to yell at him during the speeches, but anger was clearly bubbling just below the surface. Immediately after the speeches, Erica asked Alice to accompany her to the toilets to calm her down. Brad wasn’t exactly flavour of the month with the family, and soon went to prop up the bar as we all moved to a table in the room set out for the evening.

I watched Brad for a few minutes while I chatted idly with Alan about football. He knocked back two drinks in under three minutes. Clearly this was going to be a bad evening for him. I couldn’t imagine the family being too impressed with him getting absolutely legless very early on, and from the look Alice shot him as she and Erica returned to the table after about ten minutes (and a third drink for Brad), he wasn’t going to last much longer as Alice’s boyfriend.

Erica sat next to me, with Alice on the other side of her, clearly smouldering. My wife leaned in to whisper to me. “I think you should look after my sister tonight,” she suggested. “You know, dance with her, help her have a good night despite that idiot.”

I nodded and smiled at my wife. She had already said she wouldn’t be dancing tonight as her stomach was uncomfortable, so I’d been expecting to sit at the table for a couple of hours and then set off home early.

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I stood and rounded my wife, and offered Alice my hand. “Want to dance?” I asked.

She looked at me, surprised, but then smiled happily. “Yeah, I’d love a dance.”

We joined the other guests on the dance floor and danced for a while. All innocent of course. No grinding or anything… she is my wife’s sister of course and the rest of their family was all around us! I’m not a good dancer but I don’t mind. A bit of enthusiasm goes a long way! Alice had a lot more rhythm so at least I had someone to copy. The main thing was that it brought a smile back to Alice’s face and I could tell she’d started to enjoy herself again.

Before too long the bride and groom arrived to cut the cake and enjoy their first dance. Alice thanked me for the dance and went to stand by Erica for the cake cutting. I could see the pair whispering to one another. Erica smiled and waved to me as Alice talked close into her ear. She was nodding at something or other.

As the happy couple got into their first dance I saw Erica was now whispering into Alice’s ear. Idly I wondered what they were talking about as I returned my attention to watching the lovely Kasey’s petite body moving with her husband’s and recalling my own wedding night again.

Towards the end of the song, the pair motioned other people to join them, and so I sought out my wife. Erica joined me for the dance as it was a slow one. Alice was nowhere to be seen, although as we slowly turned I noticed Brad was now dancing alone, looking none too steady on his feet.

“It would mean a lot to Alice if she could… get back at Brad tonight,” Erica leaned in to whisper as we danced, “She’s gone to the toilets now, while everyone’s in here.” She pulled away a little, and looked into my eyes. “Make sure she goes home happy tonight. I’d love to hear about it in the car on the way home.”

I simply nodded and smiled as we continued to dance. Erica had sent her sister to me before during the pregnancy, as she knew our months of no sex ourselves (we had miscarried previously, straight after sex, and we were both paranoid about it happening again) was difficult for both of us. I walked Erica back to the table after the dance finished and then excused myself to the toilet.

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Sure enough, Alice was stood close to the facilities, idly tapping at her phone. She stood straighter as I passed, shooting me a small smile which I returned before I went to check the gents’ was empty. I poked my head back round the door and grinned to Alice when I found it was, and she immediately crossed the deserted hallway to join me.

She kissed me immediately on entering the room, and hurriedly pushed me into the seated toilet cubicle. The benefit of this wedding being held in a converted old mansion meant that the cubicle was entirely private, with real walls all around and a full door ensuring it was impossible for anyone to see in. It also meant we had plenty of room, of course. She kissed me hard and I pressed her up against the wall, our bodies pressing close to one another as I ducked my head to kiss her neck. Her fingers entwined my hair as she arched her neck to allow me the full area to plant my kisses. As she pulled off my jacket with her free hand, my hands roamed her body, running my fingers up the outside of her thigh over the soft material of her dress and the other reaching behind her to caress her arse as I pulled her body towards me. Alice’s eyes were closed and her mouth hung slightly open as my right hand trailed all the way up her side before moving the strap of her dress off one shoulder, allowing me to pull the front of her dress down to reveal a rock hard nipple on her pert breast. I immediately lowered myself to take the teat in my mouth, combining sucking and licking with my left hand now moving to the front of her thigh and reaching down to slip under her dress, my thumb moving closer and closer to her mound.

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