Fun with neighbour aunty

Hello Everyone, I am Sameer ahmed age 24 living in hyderabad, doing a job as a design engineer. I am here to write a story of mine, in which I had sex with my sexy neighbour aunty.

Now coming to the story, after graduation, I moved to hyderabad and got a job , shifted to an apartment along with my friends. When I am going to office , I saw a lady, polishing her sons shoes and making him to ready for his school near her door which is at the lift cabin. She is facing back to me, and bending , she was in her nighty and i have seen her night was struck in her ass crack.It was an amazing view and i love to see the ass of women.! Then after i entered in to lift and saw her face , she was damn beautiful, having the age of 30 and boobs would be 34 and ass would be 36. It was the perfect figure to enjoy sex. I saw her and smiled , but she ignored it because I am a stranger to her.
‎Then the next day also i saw her near the lift, but bad luck she was not in the yesterday’s position .! By passing near her, i gave a smile to her and her kid..! She just saw it and ignored.


‎ Once again i have failed and i started a plan on first being friendly with her kid.! That was the weekend and i wanted to execute my plan.! We have some place on the floor , that the kids can stay and play there, there are 3 kids playing there and the lady’s kid also there,i have bought some chocolates to seduce the kids and gave it to them and also stayed for the lady to come.! After 30 min she came to check her kid.! And i am holding in my hands at that time..! She saw that and called her kid and he told he will come after..! But she came angrily and took him, i asked her, have i done anything wrong? She said, no he haven’t had breakfast, and i will bring him after 10 mins, u can play with him and she left..!
I have waited there with in 15 min, kid came from home..! His name was rashid..! From that day onwards she began to smile when ever i gave a smile and she also introduced to her husband.! Actually they are from west bengal and he is working in a restaurant, we exchanged our stuff and they became close to me..! Every time i saw her i analyzed her naked in front of me and i am banging her ass, she has the perfect figure..! Her name Raziya and her husband name Zakeer.
‎ Now the real part of the story begins..! There was diwali, and got 3 days off, and all my friends are hindus and went home for celebrations and i am single remained..! And rasid came to my room for playing and he didnt even went for home felt asleep. I was taking shower and came at that time Raziya came and knocked the door..! I forgot that i was in towel and opened it..! She as surprised to see me in that and stood near door and called for rashid.! I told her he was asleep and i will carry him, i went to bedroom and carrying him near the main door, un- expecting my towel was struck by door and my towel dropped off..! She saw that and stunned my dick was in normal position at time, but due to the act and she was seeing it began to become hard..! My hands are filled with carrying rashid, i dont know what to do.! It became hard and stood in 90 degrees..! By seeing this she closed the door and rushed to her home..!

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‎Then i went to my bedroom and make him to sleep there and dressed..! After 30 min i woke him and send to home..! At evening 4 pm i am standing at the public balcony in our apartment, she came there she saw me and just ignored , and i also done the same and after 10 min, i just gave a sorry look and said sorry..! She accepted, just our discussion started..! She asked me that hi have girlfriend, and i said no and then etc etc..! At night she and her husband invited me for dinner , to my surprise her husband bought wine bottle , i was surprised that he has drinking habit ..! By seeing that Raziya gave angry look at him and warned him not to drink in home when her kid was awake..!
‎ so i told him, that he can drink in my room.! He accepted and we both went to our room.with some non-veg stuff. He started to drink and asked me to have one, but i wont drink and gave him company with having cool drink.! We talked much more and had a great conversation. Its been 11:30 pm and Raziya came and asked her husband to come , but he resisted and asked her to wait for him.! She had no choice and sat opposite to me, beside her husband.

‎ i am continually starring at her, because she was damn sexy today in her red saree.! I am seeing her lips and boobs and enjoying her body..! At night i wont wear underwear , so my dick is rising..! Her husband was fully drunk and he wont noticing things.! Suddenly her eyes struck on my bulge in shorts and she opened her eyes wide..! I tried to cover that,but cant, because its just a short.
‎In the mean time her husband stood and tried to walk and slipped. I woke and tried to hold him , raziya also tried to do that..! But accidentally her hands touched my dick, and she also felt hard on.! And took the hand..! After that we carried her husband to her home and made him to sleep on his bed..! But he fell on raziya and he became top on her in bed. ! I hold him and drag him to side, but her boobs caught in the middle and i pressed it harder with out knowing it..! It was so soft and large to hold in the hand.! I cant control my self..! My penis became more harder by that act..! She stood silently by adjusting her saree..!
‎I dont know what to do, but the beast in me is waking..! In this situation suddenly her husband gained some conscious and darg her to bed and pressed her boobs and kissed her eventually, without knowing iam there..!

‎By that act i came to my room and trying to control my self by masturbating ..! With in 5 min of time, Raziya, came to my room and saw me masturbating , i forgot to lock the door..! She came to me and looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips..! I cant realize what is happening..! Then i pressed her butts and pulled her in..! My dick was between her, thighs, and she was feeling it from the outside of the saree..! Her butts are so soft and big.! I love to fuck that butts..! She broke the kiss and hold my cock in her hand and began to stroke, i pulledbher saree and started to press her boobs ..! And opened her blouse and bra..! First time in my life iam seeing those wonderful boobs..! Those are milky white and the nipples are pink.! Iam holding both the boobs in my hand and pressing it hard..! She began to moun aaah..! Hmm.! Slowly..!
‎she pushed my head in to her boobs and i began to suck the left one and pressing hard the right one..! She continuously holding my cock and pressing it harder with her hand.! Iam trying to bite her boobs..! She began to shout as hmmm, haaaa , uhmm.! Good..! Suck it..! Plz..! Take it full in mouth..! I pressed them harder and bitting the boobs , she was enjoying the crazy act. I asked her about her husband , she said he just mouth fucked her and slept. I then bent her to my dick and told her to suck it..! She was obesrving my dick..and asked me, u r white and why ur dick is black..! I just smiled her and asked her wont u like black dick?? She said , i love to take , this because it is bigger than my husband and fat and Ur dick is nice to see.! She licked it with her tounge and made circles around it..! Then took the tip of my dick in and out for 2 timeas then then took half of the dick inside and began to suck.! I am in seventh heaven ..! She was amazing in that.! And i lifted her and kissed her lips and pressed her breasts hard onemore time..! I am pressing them harder and they become full red and she is mourning in anxity..! Uhmmm.! Aaah..! Hmm, harder and harder..! She began to enjoy that.! I took her to the bed room and we layed in 69 position.! Iam on top of her and she was below me, sucking my dick..! I removed her petticoat and panty..! Her pussy was beautifull, it was in the perfect shape..! Her pussy walls are pink colour and i inserted my finger in it and smelled it..! It was nice..! And then i put my tongue on the pussy walls and licked it..! It was good and my dick becoming even harder..! She is mourning heavily.! I licked her pussy and bitted the pussy walls with my teeth..! She jerked suddenly and laughed, may be she like it..! I said her i am about to cum..! She stopped to suck and stood up and layed in missionary position..! Asked me to take one min gap, so that not to cum early..! I took a gap and in that gap i kissing her lips and bitting her nipples and. Holding her breasts in hands and squeezing the nipples..! Then its time..! My dick was wet with her saliva and i alao wanted to apply my saliva also and spit it on my dick and applied it..! Then she asked me to enter her.! I took my dick and tried to rub her pussy..! She is enjoying it and saying loudly..! Plz, enter in, plzz.! Fuck me..! No more waiting..!
‎ In all of a sudden i forced my dick in to her pussy and she shouted a lot..! I closed her mouth with my hands and my dick entered by piercing her pussy..! Half of the dick entered ..! And i began to stroke it hard..! I took my whole dick out and fucked her again..! Now this time my dick entered fully..! She just mourning, ohh noo..! Hmm..! Uhmm.! Ha..! Uhmm..! Hmmm.! Uhmm..! Ohh.! And so on.! For every stroke she began to mourn..! I felt more crazy and tryied to fuck her more harder..! In that gap she released her liquids and due to that, there are diff trypes of sounds when my dick entering her pussy..! Pchh, puchh..! And iam now going freely in to her..! I gave my fingers in to her mouthand she is sucking themm.! She ws talking..! It was nice..! Come on , harder ,harder..! Plz ,harder..! I took my dick, and plunged harder in to her and again took my dick and plunged harder in to her..! It was like a pistion beating in the cylinder for the generation of power stroke..! For 4 strokes 1 power stroke, but in this situation..! For every stroke, it is a power stroke..!
‎ i took my dick from her and asked her to be in doggy position, she did what i said and..! I entered her from back and holded her navel and stroking her pussy.! It was good then missionary position, it was really amazing..! I began to stroke her harder and told her iam cumming..! She asked me to fill her with my juice..! And i cummed in her pussy..! Due to that my juices are dripping fron her pussy and asked her to adjust to missionary position without taking my dick out..! And she did that.! And i feel on her and kissed her lips and said it was my best sex ever..! She also liked it and kissed my lips and my forehead..! I took my dick out of her pussy and gave it to her.! She began to stroke it and she cleaned it with a tissue and again took in her mouth..! She was amazing in sucking..! I asked her i wanted to fill her ass also..! But she said she haven’t had before, but i compromised her and told i would be gentle this time..!

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‎she accepted that asked me to apply oil in her ass my dick..! I took almond oil from my shelf and applied to her ass and also my dick.! She stayed in doggy position and i put my dick first in pussy for her to relax and then after 4 strokes, i slowly began to enter in to her ass hole..! I tried to enter the tip of the dick, she suddenly moved farward..! I made her to close her eyes and relax , then after i slowly penetrated my tip and stayed and asked her how is it..! She said.! Its paining and asked to remove..! I removed it..! And after 15 sec of gap again i entered it..! She felt bit relaxed and i holded it in that position for 30 sec and told her not to worry..! Just began to force my dick slowly and she mourned ohhhh, god..! Noo.! Noo.! I stopped and again told her to take a breath and forced it..! And entered , my half dick in to her ass hole..! And slowly giving my strokes ..! She left her sounds as aah, noo.! Plz..! Come on..! Slowly..!! And then i increased my stroke and she began to shout ..! No no no ..plzz.! Stop atop..! I cant plzz.! I made her to relax and stroked hard mydick in her ass hole..! And stopped.! She tried to move farward..! But i holded her tight..! Then 15 sec gap, i asked her to be relax and started to stroke slowly..! Slowly..! She mourned ohh..~ ahhh.! Uhmm.! Ahmmm.! Ohh.! And she began to enjoy..! And i stroked harder .! She was enjoying every stroke..! It was great and her ass was so tight..! With in 13 min i cummed in her pussy and layed on her..! She said it was great swx session and..! We spent up to night 2:30 and she went to her home..!

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