CUCKOLD: As foreplay, he watches his wife with a stranger

CUCKOLD, As foreplay, he watches his wife with a stranger … I was going crazy thinking about my wife, Anita, making love to another man… But I knew that I wouldn’t really like her making it with another man. I talked her into it! Not all at once of course… but after a while of fantasizing and talking to her about it, I got her to think about making out with another guy, as I watched, and then after he left we’d make love!

It all started innocently enough, I have always been somewhat of a voyeur and my wife is definitely attractive! I would love to see her make love to someone else… Well, maybe not make love to someone else, but to get fucked by someone else! But then there was always this danger sign that suddenly appeared! I wasn’t sure what “HER” reaction would be! I wasn’t sure whether she would prefer him over me! I wasn’t sure that she would have any use for me after I pushed her into that! I wasn’t sure that she would consider me an acceptable mate after that! I wasn’t sure that she would be totally turned off and not only lose her attraction to me, but be repulsed!


I was sure that she would consider me strange… and I was sure that she would wonder about me… But I was hoping that her love for me would overcome those obstacles and she would be sucked into an even greater love because I wanted it “FOR HER” so much! Or did I? I wanted to see her squirm and I wanted to see her seduced! I wanted to see her excited and breathless… But I didn’t want to see her actually make it with another guy! I WAS JEALOUS! But I didn’t want to admit it! Maybe what it was, was that my thinking about her with another guy got me so excited that I wanted to see it but didn’t want to realize it … does that make any sense? Or maybe it was I wanted to realize it, but didn’t want to see it! …

Whatever the craze… I was definitely affected and I wanted it, something to happen. I told her one night that I wanted to see her get picked up, come back to our apartment and get make out with some guy and maybe go all the way. She was very reluctant to get involved… but I pressed on and she relented. I drove her down the road a ways… About a mile and a half and told her to walk home in the dark… I was expecting someone to stop and offer her a ride… but no one did! When she got back home she acted a little bit relieved that she had been able to get there without being picked up. We talked about it when we made love later on… and she was excited beyond excitement! She was not wetter than she had ever been before, but she was more enthusiastic than ever before in that she was more talkative and more imaginative! She actually started to initiate thoughts into my head! She was starting to share my fantasy in that she realized that it excited me, so she was using it to further excite me! I loved it!

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I decided to water down my fantasy so as to make it more palatable to her by telling her that what I wanted was for her to make out with some guy… not to make it all the way… but to make out with him and get him all excited and (her all excited) make him go home without any… and we could make love right afterwards! She found this more acceptable and her empathy made her relent to my demands as she found this as a more acceptable means of getting me excited! We could screw like bunny rabbits afterwards!

The idea was for me to hide in the closet so as to be out of sight and yet be able to see all the action! She was told that she could get as sexy as she wanted to… in fact, the sexier she got the more I’d enjoy it! but that she wasn’t to go all the way! This was my way of telling her that she was only allowed to do this because I wanted to see it … that it would get me super excited and I’d love to enrapture her afterwards!

That was all the truth! I wanted her so much that I could almost taste it! Her body was like poetry in motion and the swell of her breasts over her flat stomach was enough to start my mouth watering… her nipples, when she was excited were actually bigger and stiffer than on most women and when squeezed? They seemed to actually exude their own sexuality! As my fingers would tweak her nipples, she would moan little submissive moans… and at times would even respond as though she was overwhelmed with pleasure. She would murmur little suggestive yelps while we made love and I would tweak her nipples… but when I would combine the tweaking of her nipples with deeply shoving in my cock and at the same time gently but firmly tugging on her hair… she would gutturally respond with a little higher and yet more submissive moans that more befitted the occasion. She was my “bitch” and I was her master!

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Now I say that in the best sense… In my humble opinion I think that all women are submissive and they are all looking to be “LED” by a man and “TOLD” what to do! A woman is taught from birth that a man is strong and a leader, she is weak and a follower… He is the aggressor and he is the leader! They all have this strong desire to “satisfy” their man… If this is cultivated correctly, your wife can be just like mine! That is not to say that you should take an unbending stance on anything… what I’m saying is that most women like strong men that know what they want and GO AFTER IT! She wanted to help me with my fantasy… if fact, if we fell short she felt disappointed! That it excited me, excited her!

It was much later on that we (she) discovered that my excitement over her excitement didn’t just excite her… it was HER excitement over my excitement that excited HER and me! She was just as turned on by what we thought about doing as I was! Initially she went along with what I wanted because she was trying to satisfy my desires… But later on, her participation was urged on by her own innate basic desires. She started really enjoying the attentions she was getting… and my enjoyment of her pleasures spurred her on to further enjoyment.

As I said, it all started out with my wanting her to get picked up, make out with the guy that picked her up. Let him feel her up, but not go all the way! She was allowed to do whatever she wanted as long as she didn’t go all the way! I told her that if she could get him to eat her without her actually going all the way that was OK!! I wanted to see her get really “HOT” with some guy… and get the guy really “HOT” but for her to break if off before consummation… and save the really HOT STUFF for me after he left!

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THE FIRST TIME – I took her over to a bar that we never go to… we don’t know anyone there and it’s far enough away that we’re not likely to bump into anyone there… I didn’t want to run into anyone we knew and I wanted to keep our little rendezvous, our little secret! I dropped her off and told her that I would come inside in a few moments to watch and make sure that everything would be OK. She went to the bar and ordered a drink… it wasn’t but a few moments before someone started to hit on her. When I got in there she was still sitting by herself… but had several guys sitting at a table nearby talking to her. She had told them that she was waiting for a friend. One of them eventually asked her if she would like to dance? She told him that she would but only until her friend arrived!

The first guy got up and walked with her to the dance floor, which was pretty crowded… It was a fast dance… and they danced several dances… then she came back to where she was seated at the bar and he to the table where the other guys were… Then another guy asked her to dance… And it was a slow dance! She said ok… and they walked to the dance floor and as he pulled her to him it seemed as though he was a professional dancer as he moved so fluidly and harmonically. I could see them talking to one another as they were dancing and it seemed as though they had danced together for years! They danced several dances before coming back to their table… but this time she accompanied him back to their table rather than returning to the bar… He was a tall rather muscular guy with broad shoulders and small waist and hips. He looked like he could handle himself in any sort of rough situation but had a big friendly smile that beguiled those rough and tumble charms and made him appear much more like a Mr. Nice guy!

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