My best friend’s mom is hot

My best friend’s mom is hot, I mean smoking hot, and she knows it. She walks around in bikinis that showcase her long legs, tight ass and big tits; she also dresses up often in pantyhose and short skirts that have all of us guys drooling. Every one of Barry’s friends call her a MILF, much to Barry’s chagrin, and each of us have shot a ton of cum out of our cocks fantasizing about her.

For me, fantasy became reality this summer.


Sandra, Barry’s mom, asked me if I could help her build a new shed for their back yard. I, of course, said yes, for a few reasons:

1. She offered me good money to do it.

2. It was what I did, build things and I could do it a lot cheaper and faster than a company could.

3. I would be around her house every day for three weeks or so.

4. I hoped to get to fuck her…even though it still seemed like a far-fetched dream.

She suggested I start the second week of July, which happily coincided with Barry would be gone on a two week hiking trip with his father (a dumb ass who divorced Sandra a few years ago…no one can fathom why). I, of course, agreed and shot a load in her honour every day until I started working for her.

The week before I started, I got to see her every day as I brought over designs for the shed. Every day she would suggest changes that required me to bring back a different design. She dressed in sundresses every day, or a t-shirt and short shorts that almost no adult should wear…except her. It was like she was taunting me to take her, even though she had always dressed like this…something I believe frustrated her jealous ex-husband.

Anyway, we finally agreed on a design and as I left she said, “I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better, Evan.”

“Me too,” I nodded, realizing my response didn’t even make sense.

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She smiled her dazzling, knee buckling smile, and added, “Be warned it’s supposed to be a hundred degrees all week.”

“I will dress appropriately,” I shrugged.

She winked, the first hint of her ulterior motives, “I’m not sure I will.”

Just then Barry came downstairs and we headed out for one last night of partying before he went on his trip…oblivious to the fact that I was hoping that while he was gone I would get to fuck his mother.

I arrived as scheduled at eight the following morning and was greeted by Sandra, in a robe, clearly having just gotten up. I could see a little of her ample cleavage, and briefly fantasized just tugging her robe open and devouring her right then and there. That said, I wanted to take my time, to be sure I had read the many signs of her interest in me right…it would be humiliating and potentially friendship ending if I was wrong.

She sent me out back where the supplies had all arrived the day before, and I started working. I was a couple hours in when she first came out to check on me. Dressed in a two piece bikini that showcased every curve of her perfect body, my cock instantly woke up in my shorts.

She asked, “How’s it coming?”

I answered, (ignoring playing on the word coming even though it was tempting, instead using the words my dad always did when asked a similar question, “Slow and steady.”

She said, “Going for a swim. Feel free to join me if you like.”

“Not at the moment, ma’am,” I nodded, because I knew if I did I would be done for the day.

“It’s Sandra,” she corrected. “My mother is ma’am.”

“Of course, Sandra,” I nodded, watching her turn around and dive fluidly into the pool.

The next half hour was a constant distraction as I tried to work, while nearby the most beautiful MILF in the world swam laps.

When she got out, it was as if in slow motion, like in that classic 80s movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, where Phoebe Cates comes out of the pool. My cock again got hard, as she grabbed a towel and asked, “Would you like a lemonade?”

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“Sure,” I agreed, wanting her to come back outside, and actually quite thirsty. I also took this time to take off my shirt and showcase my upper body which is very toned.

I worked for a couple of minutes until she returned with a glass of lemonade. She was still in her two piece swim suit and complimented, “Looking good.”

“How can you tell, it’s just a few pieces of wood scattered about?” I joked.

“I wasn’t talking about the shed,” she said, matter-of-factly, before smiling and turning and going back over to the pool, then sitting on a lounge chair.

I reluctantly returned to work. I wasn’t working two minutes, when she called, “Evan, would you be a dear and come give me a hand for a moment.”

“Sure,” I called back wiping my hands on my shorts and going over to her.

She was applying lotion on her body when I reached her. She asked, “Would you please put some lotion on my neck and back?”

It was every teen boy’s fantasy to put suntan lotion on a hot MILF. I, of course, said, “Sure, I’d love to.”

She handed me the lotion, rolled onto her stomach and I sat down beside her. “Could you also undo my bikini top? I don’t want a tan line for my niece’s wedding in a couple of weeks.”

I wondered what outfit she could possibly be wearing that such a tan line would be seen, but I agreed like any horny boy would, “Of-of-of course.”

The bikini easily fell aside and I could now see the sides of her voluptuous breasts. I thought about going for broke right then and there, but decided to just play along, sensing that the inevitable was close. I thoroughly covered her neck, shoulders and back with lotion, massaging gently while I did. She let out a soft moan as I moved lower, to just above her ass.

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Deciding to continue to add to the slow seduction we were both performing on each other, I asked, “Aren’t you worried about tan lines on your bottom too?”

“Should I be?” She asked back, playfully.

“Just asking,” I countered, in an attempt to be flirtatious, “I’m not sure what the proper tan line etiquette is honestly.”

“Better safe than sorry,” she said back, lifting up her hips and surprising even me. I watched as she tugged the strings and uncovered her tight ass.

“Agreed,” I barely got out, my fantasy MILF now naked in front of me.

“Can you do my torso area, too?” She asked.

“If you insist,” I agreed, my already hard cock begging for release in my tight shorts. Although I am a confident guy with the ladies, I felt my hands trembling as I poured lotion on her ass and began rubbing it in. It was surreal, and I made sure to lotion her whole ass and down her thighs a bit.

As I was about to finish she said, “Be sure to get my ass crack, hate to have a tan line there.”

“That would be mortifying,” I quipped back, as I coated my finger and put lotion between her ass cheeks. I was so tempted to slide my fingers further between her ass cheeks, all the way to her back door, or to attempt to slide my fingers to her pussy in the small window that existed between her legs…I couldn’t see her pussy, but I did have access to it if I could just get the nerve to take the risk.

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