Amber Waves Of Grain

Names of cast members in this novel are fictional. The story takes place in the wheat fields of southwest Kansas.

During summer 1987, in between my freshman and sophomore year of junior college in southwest Kansas, I was enjoying my summer off from school. One day, I went on a trip with a family member of mine who made the three hour drive to a small town in the Gyp Hills to visit a cousin of his he had not seen in decades. Finding the house, we walked up to the front door and rang the bell. A young girl answered. We inquired if “Leon” was home. Allowed into the house, Leon was present as was his wife, Marin. Wondering who we were and why we were here, an introduction was made. Leon could not believe it. Yes, he did remember his long lost cousin from decades past. A family reunion was now underway. The pair of cousins had memories to share, including family photos and documents.


The young girl, Amber, was focusing her attention towards me and wanting to know who this handsome young lad was. Amber was the daughter of Leon and Marin. With blond hair, a cute face and a warming smile, this Kansas farm town country girl became easy to talk with. My new friend had a doll collection that she showed me. Not to be rude, but I really was not interested in dolls. This was her hobby of collecting such objects and wanted to share her interest with me. Our visit out here lasted about three hours. It was time to head back west. At the time, I lived with my folks in the Oklahoma Panhandle region. Amber and I did exchange phone numbers and addresses. She now held a crush on me. We actually were related distant fifth cousins. During the remainder of the year, and into 1988, we communicated via United States Mail and a few phone chats mixed in. The profile of the cast involved: at the time of the visit, Leon was 68, Marin 54, Amber 13 and I was 19. Amber’s parents were divorced in 1986. Leon was not living at the house and it was by chance he happened to be there on the day of the visit. Good timing for us. He came across as crusty and rough, did not like to talk much in detail, but he did open up in response to our visit and that seemed to do him some good. My birthday is April 3rd. In 1988 I turned 20. Amber’s big day is the 30th of the same month. Amber wrote and invited me to come visit for her 14th birthday (1988). With school and such, this would be tight to fit in. but I decided to accept the invite. This really made her happy. Living alone with her mom, Marin said it would be all right to spend a night with them. I left for home Saturday morning and would stay until Sunday morning. This was about a three hour drive. Arriving at the house at noon, Amber was in the kitchen fixing taco salad for lunch. She just turned 14. Her looks were not bad. She wore a pullover top, shorts and was barefoot. her blond hair, down to the top of her shoulders, looked nice. With a big smile, she greeted me with a hug upon arrival.

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My being here was making her day. With permission granted by Marin, Amber had me take her around town. She called a few of her school friends and we met at the local store where I bought my date a soda. She more or less was showing me off in front of her friends and was loving it. We stopped in at a video store and bought a couple of movies which we watched down in the basement later in the evening. Popcorn was present. We were having a great time. My host was going to really make it great for me. The basement is basically Amber’s domain. This is where her bedroom and a spare bedroom are located. While we watched the flicks, Marin was upstairs. We were in our own little world down there. On the couch, we watched the movies. Amber put her arm around my shoulder. I did the same. Our heads pressed together and gave each other slight body hugs. Those hugs became turned into a peck on the cheek when we kissed each other. Something was in the making. During the second video, Amber draped her bare soft legs across my waist. I began slowly running my fingers up and down the smooth legs while applying a tickling touch This made her relax. She was enjoying it. So was I. When the movie ended, she sat up and with us holding and hugging each other, we embraced in a series of kisses.

Nothing of a wild nature, but things were warming up. Amber went to take a shower. Upstairs, Marin had her friend Brenda over. They were in the kitchen playing cards, smoking and enjoying a bottle of liquor. Marin had her daughter bring me upstairs and introduced me to Brenda. This was a quick introduction and after a few words were exchanged, the girls returned to their card game. Amber and I retreated downstairs. On some Saturday nights, Marin goes to the local bar with Brenda. Amber stays by herself at home for a couple of hours. Brenda suggested on going to the bar tonight. Marin declined that was likely account of my being here. Brenda went ahead and left, while Marin stayed home and finished the bottle to the point she was buzzed and at 11:00, went to bed with a hangover. This drinking is a bad habit Marin has. It has always bothered her daughter. Her dad drank also and this was a factor in the divorce that became final two years prior. Since become single, Marin has made male friends. She has gone home with them and let them pound the fuck out of her. For a 54 year old woman, she is not bad looking. In fact, she is classified as “stacked’ with her redish hair and a set of good tits. Her marriage was not a happy one. The actions of the parents took a toll on their daughter.

Leon was 54 and Marin 40 when Amber was born. The married couple messed around one too many times. What resulted was an unexpected late age pregnancy. One night, when the divorce was being talked about, Amber heard her father tell her mother that he did not love or care for his daughter. That hurt Marin. It also tore deep into Amber. This left her in a state of confusion and the feel of not being loved or wanted. From that time forward, Amber had a total dislike for her father. Marin stuck her head down towards the basement letting Amber know she was going to bed. This made Amber feel happy as mom was more more or less out of the picture for the remainder of the night. The drama in a basement in the heart of the Kansas Gyp Hills late on a Saturday night were getting started big time.

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