Sharing the shower

Hey guys I’m Abhi, 25 years. I used to live in India when I was young but now I live in Sydney, Australia along with my dad. My mom died when I was very young and my dad later married another woman. So I have a place for myself. So into the story one day

Nannu Vadilestunnava Lanja – Part 3

Hello andariki danyavadamulu. Chala ante chala mandi nannu adugutunnaru ladies specially site lo chala manchi manchi sex stories rastunnaru ani . chala bagunnay ani annaru anduku naa danyavadamulu . Nannu Vadilestunnava Lanja – Part 1 Nannu Vadilestunnava Lanja – Part 2 miru naku comments kani maiks kani hangouts kani chesthe nenu inka manchi manchi

Stranger to best mistress ever

Hey y’all , myself Lalith from Bangalore and this is about few months back when I meet a random women on hangout who soon became my mistress. She had read my story on iss long back about my first slave story . We started talking , she said she liked the story n we shared